Sayonara Editorial board: Cox cuts the brain dead

After their 5 editorials on who Gary Leitzell shouldn’t listen to, it looks like we won’t have to listen to the editorial board of Ellen Belcher, Martin Gottlieb and Scott Elliott anymore. Unfortunately, they were even scooped on their own demise:

The Dayton Daily News, owned by Cox Ohio Publishing, will be demoting 10 managers in the editorial department to staff/reporter positions.

via Dayton Daily News restructures newsroom – Dayton Business Journal:.

Considering that the Cox flagship Atlanta Journal Constitution did away with its editorial board political endorsements back in October, it’s amazing that this trio of status-quo, incumbent-loving, losers managed to hang on much after their lame-o endorsement of Rhine McLin. This is the editorial board that had the nerve to say that “there is a disconnect between him and the real-world problems of a city hall” about Gary Leitzell, as he went on to win over her huge money and “connections” says that the people who were most out of touch were the editors who are now out of their jobs.

I guess their parting shot at me was the publication of the haters comments in Speak Up yesterday.

Welcome to the world of unpaid journalism Ellen, Martin, Scott- my readership has been growing for the last 4 years- too bad you can’t say the same. If you want to learn how to publish your own site, I teach a seminar monthly on how to do this: And, you’re welcome to try running for office as well- since you’re all experts at picking winners.

But, my personal editorial on the matter: You won’t be missed, elected, or employed. Hallelujah!

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Will Brooks
Will Brooks


David Lauri

There’s a difference between demotion and unemployment.


Well, I don’t like to take pleasure in other peoples pain, even people I don’t like.  I’m sure this will be a pay cut for someone, and that always hurts, deserved or not.
In general, I actually think this a net loss.  Smart local editorializing is still a reason I buy print papers.  Unfortunately, DDN didn’t have smart local editorial content.  Now it looks like they never will.  While I do like David’s website, I like to see other viewpoints, and the paper is one place those viewpoints could have come from.


Any info on Mike Peters ? I imagine he actually makes money for the DDN (or Cox) as he’s syndicated across the country.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Of the three of em Gottleib is the one who’s writings pained me the most. I don’t feel bad for them. Failure should never be rewarded. Success should be – I would hardly call their editorials successful.


No one has said that these 4 are being demoted. There are 17 or 18 managers at this level. All have interviewed and are subject to the demotions/buyouts. This includes editors of sports, local news, business, social events and others at that level.
Look for other younger talent to be sent to the reporters pit, watch Ellen and Gottleib to stay put.  Who serves crow in this town anyway?


and, we’ll see more syndicated editorials. No loss there.
…actually it would be  big loss since these won’t be about local or state issues.  It means the paper would be more homogenized and less local.  More like a print version of a Clear Channel radio station.

Roger Fruvous
Roger Fruvous

@mcohio: I think you are probably on the right track. DE is practicing much wishful thinking here. Yes, DDN editorial board is worthless… Yes, David Esrati is unbecomingly spiteful.