Dayton Grassroots Daily Show: v.21, Job Retraining

Walmart sells things made in China- but, now, they’re trying to sell themselves as nice guys by handing out chump change donations for job retraining:

scholarships are the result of a $336,500 grant Sinclair received in August from the Walmart Foundation. Sinclair was one of eight U.S. community colleges to share in a total of $3.5 million as part of the Walmart Brighter Futures project.

via Sinclair gets grant from Walmart Foundation to help jobless.

These “jobs of the future” pay between $12-16 an hour, just slightly more than what Walmart pays. Never mind that these people we are “retraining” were  skilled in making trucks that used to pay them between $12 and $35 an hour.

Greg Hunter and David Esrati talk about the real reasons we’re “retraining” our workforce in this 5 minute video- enjoy.

Henry Ford had it right when he paid his first autoworkers well so they could afford to buy his cars. If the President had balls, he’d be laying down the law to Corporate America that there will be no million dollar salaries or bonus checks to anyone working in a company with publicly traded stock- if they lay anyone off- or fail to hire additional workers starting Jan 1, 2010.

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