Racists, rapists and apologists

The head of the local Republican Party/Sheriff fired two of his employees on Friday, for unbecoming conduct. Three others got disciplined. It seems that all had been either sending or receiving racist jokes via text messages.

An Oakwood 19-year-old on an athletic scholarship to Stanford, was playing doctor on an unconscious woman in the bushes outside a fraternity party. He was inebriated, despite not being of drinking age.

Sheriff Phil Plummer made the hard call and took a stand saying there is no room for racist jokes, comments, or behavior under his command.

Stanford sent the swimmer away. They made a clear statement that non-consensual sexual behavior was unacceptable.

Then I see debate on Facebook. I see people using the First Amendment as justification for statements contrary to the founding beliefs that “all men are created equal.” I see people saying that because the swimmer used his fingers instead of his penis, somehow that was OK, besides he was always a “nice boy.”

When was the last time you heard a public figure step right up and admit they screwed up?

Brian Williams of NBC somehow thought he could tell a yarn about him being in a helicopter that got shot down. His first response?

“I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

Am I guilty of conflation of the racists with the rapists? Certainly saying something politically incorrect is one thing, sticking objects in someone unconscious is another. Except, when you are an officer of the law, you have to be held to a higher standard of conduct- that’s why we trust you with a gun and a badge.

There is a go fund me set up to pay for the Captain’s legal expenses with a very long explanation of why he shouldn’t have been fired- it was put up by his wife. It blames the ex-wife of the deputy, the NAACP, the Sheriff- and the news media for slandering the Captain. The fact that when he got the first text his immediate response wasn’t “this isn’t acceptable” isn’t mentioned, nor is the fact that he erased his iphone and ipod before turning them in, against policy. When you are a leader- a higher level of accountability is expected.

There was a piece online trying to explain away the swimmer’s odd behavior. How about he’s already guilty of being drunk under age? The complaint clearly has eyewitnesses describing something that no one would wish for their daughter.

And, yes, we have courts of law to decide upon guilt or innocence, justifiable firing or not. But the court of public opinion, the debate we have with others- the thoughts we hold back, do they matter?

It’s a question of what kind of society you want to live in. If you don’t want to hear your news from a liar, you can always change the channel, but, when it comes to the guy who shows up with a gun and a badge, what kind of moral character do you want them to have? Or, if your daughter goes to visit a college campus, do you want her molested by a drunken athlete- and then be blamed for her actions?

For a society to function, the actions of a few miscreants is one thing, the willingness to apologize for them is a much greater risk to our community. I know many of you will argue that this is a stretch, but the liberators of the concentration camps had to march the townsfolk through the camps- because they didn’t believe it happened right under their noses.

Many are quick to blame all Muslims for the acts of a few extremists as well, but, that is no different than judging all Americans by the actions of Charlie Manson or Timothy McVeigh.

Morals, ethics, the standards of society are set by what we allow as OK. You don’t know how many times while I’ve been hanging basketball nets I’ve had to say that I don’t think using the N word is acceptable- and so far, I’ve not gotten my ass beat.

There are always at least two sides to every story- but, in the end, there is only one rule that is universal- the golden one. There is no excuse for racist jokes by cops, there is no excuse for doing anything to someone unconscious other than to protect them and get help- and there is no excuse for apologizing for their actions, or trying to say it’s OK- it was among consenting adults, or that they are “good people” because, they aren’t if what happened is true.

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Rob Scott

Good post Esrati. I read the Go Fund Me narrative. If in fact that is accurate, then the law suit that is getting ready to come down the way likely will be huge.

Thomas Ruddick
Thomas Ruddick

To answer one question you raised–the last time I knew of a public figure who stepped up and admitted to something was around 50 years ago when Jerry Springer was revealed to have paid a prostitute with a personal check. It actually saved his career.


I expect a large lawsuit for sure. There were personal cell phones and lets face it . . . they were only jokes. Even if they are racist (just like the one’s throwing the stones), you can’t regulate that by firing. Ca-Ching!


Ralph, they were not jokes and they were definitely not funny. The gentlemen are not being told they cannot be hateful, the community is being told that their police force will not have hateful, ignorant attitudes when they are assisting the residents of Montgomery County. I have no problems with that at all.


David, I didn’t say there was anything funny about the entire episode. It’s despicable from every angle.

Those “hateful opinions” is not why there will be a large and successful lawsuit, it’s their personal equipment (not police equipment) being used to fire them – simple as that. Their attitudes were expressed on their personal equipment even if you and I find it alarming.

Perhaps, the sheriff could have appealed to the NAACP inquiry with the fact that the material can not be used to justify their termination but they will work to find a material admissible excuse for justification (though it may take some time). The NAACP doesn’t want to see these clowns get rewarded through a law suit. Alas, that’s exactly what’s going to happen though.

As far a a joke, the only one laughing is a vindictive wife that stirred this barrel of stench in the first place. I don’t want cops or deputies like this around either and I certainly don’t want to see them rewarded just to look PC when you can find a way to get rid of them that’s not going to burden the taxpayer. For that to happen I must lay the blame at Sheriff for not being able to better deal with the NAACP (I really think they would understand the situation).

Dave C.
Dave C.

We need more of this formula:


Dale C.
Dale C.

Ahh the brainwashed leftist continue to show how sick they are. We have a disgusting bigot that spent 20 years in Wright’s church that called his grandma a typical white person and talked about white people clinging to guns and religion that hangs out with horrible evil bigots like al Sharpton and other hiphop I hate white people scumbags in the white house. Would be nice if dullards like dave c who says racism (a made up word invented by leftists to be used as a modern day heresy accusation) would apply their free speech hatred to the black david duke buffoon they voted twice for president! No actions should have been taken against any of these employees we should start a community fund to help them as they are victims.


Actions speak louder than words.

Who among us hasn’t talked smack at some time or another, said something we’re not proud of? These officers deal with the dregs of society everyday and have to deal with human beings at their worst. I found it telling that there were NO documented instances of racist ACTIONS in any of these officers’ employment files, even after many, many years on the job. The vengeful ex-wife, the NAACP and the PC thought police have ruined the careers of several good men, and personally I think the whole thing stinks.

Dale C.
Dale C.

The left in this country and Dayton of course is perversely evil. These are good cops that help keep our community safe and over private speech they loose their careers. Meanwhile hoards of violent, disgusting black people can destroy urban nights and beat up esrati and hey its it is everyone’s fault be theirs. Rob and beat up white people while black = good as you vote democrat, be a great cop and use free speech = bad you might be a republican. So sick that we have such evil at the heart of leftism and the democrat party in this country and county. Shame on Esrati for his double standards in journalism.

Dave C.
Dave C.

Is there anybody in America (that is, anybody not living under a rock or in a remote cave) that honestly thinks digitally transmitting racist jokes, nude photos or videos, sexually explicit words, threats of violence, or various other idiotic communications is OK?

In 21st century America, anybody that cannot figure this out should not have a gun or badge. And should probably be living under/in the aforementioned rock/cave.


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