Privacy lost

I’ve said it before, the terrorists have won. Every time I’m asked to stick my hands up in the air at an airport by the TSA, I politely refuse and go through the pat down. I refuse to stick my arms up in surrender to my own government. The “Patriot Act” was passed quickly, without much real debate and our countries actions since September 11, 2001 have disgraced the principles of our founding fathers.

The saddest fact is that while there are terrorists stupid enough to use cell phones and the internet to discuss their plans, that doesn’t excuse our government for taking a hall pass on the constitution. I’ve always figured that we’re being watched and listened to, and I don’t let it bother me. The really crazy thing is that if we have the ability to thwart terrorists from bombing Wall Street by intercepting communications, please explain why we haven’t managed to stop spam? Really?

My little brother rarely sends me links, but, this video, Tap it: The NSA slow jam,  on YouTube was a fun poke at the whole thing:

Anthony Weiner wanting back in the game was my favorite line, btw.

When Robert Bork was being vetted for a Supreme Court seat, some congressman brought up his video store rental records which included porn. Bork claimed he was researching “obscenity”- and very quickly, congress passed a law making library records and video store records protected privacy – the Video Privacy Protection Act.

So, terrorists, if you are reading this- the secret is to embed secret messages in movies and then distribute them via Netflix or Family Video stores- and that way, the government won’t snoop. Yeah, right.

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