Patriot act

Privacy lost

I’ve said it before, the terrorists have won. Every time I’m asked to stick my hands up in the air at an airport by the TSA, I politely refuse and go through the pat down. I refuse to stick my arms up in surrender to my own government. The “Patriot Act” was passed quickly, without Read More

The politics of polarization aren’t going to solve our problems

True debate has disappeared from the American Political Campaign process. Where candidates ask directly, not through proxy or via smear attacks- what makes one candidate a better choice than the other. We’ve seen the same hot-button issues rehashed and rehashed. Hardly a day goes by without me getting a postcard telling me to save the Read More

The fallacy of Eds, Meds and Feds saving our city.

Sometimes all it takes is a cute turn of a word and people believe. Remember the “Death Tax” or the “Contract with America” or the “Patriot Act”- we’ve heard them all. Now, and props go to whoever conjured up this latest phrase, we hear “Oh don’t worry, we’ve got Eds, Meds and Feds here in Read More