Esrati post primary campaign finance report

Better late than never. Here it is- the numbers are a little higher than I’d like- mostly due to mistakenly mailing postcards to people who voted early in person (although, with the number of them that returned, we’re going to have to do a little investigation).

We’ve taken in some donations post deadline, since we’ve got our donation system back online. I spent $4,234.60 in the primary, for 2,087 votes. I spent about $2.03 a vote, a far cry from the $50 a vote the Mayoral “winners” spent. That leaves me $5,800 to work with. For the record, Jeff Mims spent $4,836.87 on the primary to get 5,282 votes, and Joey Williams spent $3,733.90 to get 6,384 votes, although both were riding on Nan’s coattails with her quarter million dollar “campaign.”

If you count that some of my postage and printing also promoted the other Dayton Independent Candidates, Greer and Leitzell, if I had been reimbursed, it would have cut about $500 off the total.

I’ll be turning in the autographed version in the morning, but here is the PDF in a readable format for you to review: Elect Esrati Post primary Campaign finance report 16JUN13

I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and November. If you want at least one independent voice on the commission who doesn’t spend like a drunken sailor on a campaign, using vendors from out of state (both Nan and AJ hired DC firms to place their media buys- as if local Dayton media buyers don’t know this market better), please consider donating- the button is on the right.

With the exception of some campaign supplies- all my printing, vendors are local. I reinvest in my community.

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