President Obama!

It hasn’t sunk all the way in yet. Maybe by morning, I’ll feel like the dark ages of 8 years of a moron in charge are finally over. Maybe, we could even see Congress impeach Bush, and get started early.

When you have Mike Turner telling people he’s endorsed by Obama, even stranger things can happen.

While I have little respect for how John McCain ran his campaign, I was impressed with the class he showed in his concession speech. When I watched Obama speak, I felt as if I was watching a speech that will go down in history. The job that he faces, the obstacles to overcome, the challenges ahead are monumental and our country is still divided.

52% of the vote counted.

With 52% of the votes counted, the country still has a red stripe dividing our nation.

It would have been divided no matter how the election turned out, looking at the maps – and the first objective is to work hard to put the campaign rhetoric behind us, and to silence the hate mongers who’ve incited fear for a living. The people have spoken, and it’s time people like Hannity, Bortz and Limbaugh either step out from behind the microphones and run for office, or shut-up, because we’ve got to work together like never before if we don’t want to end up a third world country.

Change is hard. The first thing we need to look at changing is the way we elect our politicians. We can’t keep spending 2 years and billions of dollars on sound bites, while we’ve got to create an economy with opportunity for all. It’s not about Red or Blue- it’s about Red White and Blue, and how can we stop worrying about us as individuals, and start working on us as a nation.

A client called me today, a woman of means. She was worried about what would happen to her business if Obama won. She knew it was wrong to think about herself, but, it’s natural. Now that he has won, and we’ve put this election and its mudslinging behind us, it’s time to remember, we make this country great- not our leader. It’s up to all of us to roll up our sleeves, work together, and try to watch out for our neighbors as we would want them to watch over us.

Think back to how we felt as Americans on September 12, 2001. This time, realize, we’re still the same nation, yet, we’re going to try a different approach. An approach that focuses on we, not I. An approach that realizes we’re part of something much bigger than what’s in it for me. It will be our attitude that will determine our altitude, and the controls are in our hands.

Be thankful of what has survived the last eight years of misguided “leadership.” We’ve seen the definition of inept redefined over and over, from the squandering of global goodwill after 9/11, to the botched response to Katrina to our current financial crisis where the compassion has been directed at the wealthy, while the worker gets the shaft.

It seems to me that our economy could be something we could all make an effort to jump start, without government intervention. After all, if $300 checks were a feasible solution from the government- why can’t we do it on our own?

President Obama was elected with an average donation of less than $100. His support came from the disenfranchised, the working class, the overlooked. If we all took $100 and spent it by Friday on something from within our own community, we could send a message that yes, we believe that times are changing, and we see a bright future with our new president elect. We could send a message that we’re going to do our part to say we’re confident with our choice. Maybe, Wall Street would take notice. I’d almost say we should all buy stock in Ford and GM, but, the problem is the CEOs still don’t think about the big picture, just themselves.

We also need to shut off the hate. Take stock in the numbers that voted, take a look at the message. Change will only come once we know that there is a power in we, and it starts with me. Redress those who spew hate, fear and negativity, because today is the first day of a new nation.

It’s late. I need to let this all soak in.

Yes, we can.

Can you think of other things we could do?

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