Pontiac Apprentice promotion

It’s great to know- that while General Motors is closing down plants, laying people off and asking for concessions from employees- they can afford to give away half a million dollars and a bunch of cars- as well as pay 2-3 million dollars to tie into the Apprentice TV show on NBC.

Starting at noon on Tuesday, May 30, 2006, people can log into pontiac.com/apprentice to help them decide where to spend their money- and a chance to win a G6 hardtop convertible.

Could one of the charities be a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against GM for squandering millions while Americans, some of them in Dayton OH, are losing their jobs?

Also, it would be nice to halt all tax abatement packages nationwide to corporations- why should companies so willing to screw the American worker get the breaks so they can pay CEO’s millions to hand out chump change to charity in return.

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