Al Gore predicts great things for Dayton’s future

This morning I saw Katie Couric, on the Today show, interview Al Gore, the man who used to be “America’s next president.”
He is out promoting a film and a book about the dangers of global warming, and if he is right, real estate values in Dayton will sky rocket as soon as the polar ice caps melt and both San Francisco and Manhattan are under water- as well as Miami and most of the seaside high dollar resort places in the country.
Not only is Dayton far away from ocean, we have one of the largest aquifers in the world, filled with fresh, uncontaminated water. We have so much water, we can afford to shoot millions of gallons of it in the air every 15 minutes at Riverscape.
So, while you may think you’re living large in your million dollar 1200 square foot apartment in NYC or SF, you should be buying your 2,500 square foot “insurance policy” home in Dayton for less than $200,000.
Thanks Al, I knew I was on to something living here in the “flyover states.”

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