Percy Mack looking to leave town?

I should have known something was up with Dr. Mack the other day- all of a sudden, he was a leading search term bringing people to this site- turns out Richland SC has him as one of the top three for their Superintendent.

Paying almost $200K and being closer to his native home- if he gets it, he’ll be gone- before the new levy is on the ballot.

The State | 04/29/2008 | Richland 1 looks to outsiders for superintendent
Superintendents of three out-of-state school systems with smaller enrollments are candidates to replace Allen J. Coles as Richland 1’s top administrator.

The finalists are:

• Gerald D. Dawkins of Saginaw, Mich.

• Percy A. Mack of Dayton, Ohio

• Craig Witherspoon of Edgecombe County, N.C.

What fun would staying in Dayton be with no money to work with, less pay, and test scores that aren’t trending the way he’d like. He may be slightly past his zenith for landing another job, but, he still looks like a rose compared to our previous Superintendents who’ve all moved out and up.

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