Ohio already has an optical scan network in place… you just won’t believe where.

So, the Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants to put an optical scan system into place for the November election:

Will Ohio overhaul its voting systems?
For the Nov. 4 presidential election, Brunner wants to scrap $81.7 million in electronic touch-screen voting machines and spend $31 million for a new system that uses paper ballots tabulated on optical scan equipment.

Brunner’s plan would fundamentally change how most Ohioans vote, including greatly expanding absentee voting.

She’s set a deadline. With the November election looming, she wants the legislature and Strickland to come up with the money and make other changes by mid-April.

Being the creative geek that I am, I’m wondering if we can’t use an optical scan system already in place, owned by the state, with more locations than we have bingo halls- are you ready for another big idea?

The lottery terminals are an optical scan card reading system- and are all over the state. Maybe we use our tested (and apparently trusted- since people wage millions using it each week) gambling system to record our votes in our political gambling system? Can’t give any worse results than the last few elections can it?

Ohio retailers would love the extra traffic, and maybe, we just for fun, throw in a cool reward system for voting at the same time- one lucky voter per congressional district  becomes an instant million dollar winner, just like our current congress. Place a bet, we’d have better turnout.

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