Election or Auction? You decide.

To be taken seriously as a candidate in America today requires fund raising skills, at least that’s what the media wants us to believe. Why? Because, guess where the campaign money goes? That’s right, the media.

Imagine if we flat-out banned political advertising. Not a single cent to be spent on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Direct mail, billboards, yard signs- anything.

What if we insisted that each candidate had a blog- and shared their views on a daily basis for a period of at least a year before they could file as a candidate?

Imagine if the only video they could produce would be run on YouTube, audio as podcasts, ads as downloadable PDF’s — and that we asked voters to evaluate all candidates not on their skill at collecting money, but instead on the power of their ideas?

How after the filing deadline, each voter got a piece of mail from the board of elections with links to each candidates site, an announcement of a debate schedule, and a forum to discuss the questions that each candidate must answer during the debate.

No money from PACs, Special Interest Groups, Corporations, lobbyists, or even the voters. Sure, some voters wouldn’t be able to go to the Internet to get information- but, we could put the debates on public access channels non-stop. We could still have standard media coverage, and we could have candidates forums in the community.

What do you think? Since that day isn’t here yet, I ask each of you reading this to go write a check right now for what ever you believe you think this idea is worth to our democracy, to Elect Esrati, 100 Bonner St. Dayton OH 45410, and put the title of this post in the memo.

You can give up to $2,300. I’d be happy with $10 or $100. Because we still run something more like an auction in this country- and I need at least $15,000 for the primary right now to do a mailing and use a automated call system to get people to come to this site.

I want to hear from you, show me you are willing to pay attention to the issues— and send the one candidate who isn’t for sale to Washington to represent you.

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