New Chief, same as the old Chief?

What crimes do we prosecute- and why? It seems that law enforcement sets it’s own priorities, but the question is to ask the people at the top to explain their decisions.

This was sent on Tuesday- so far, no response from the chief. I copied Frank LaRose at the Secretary of State office, where I keep getting responses from a staffer- Dave Ward- asking:

Mr. Esrati –

Thank you for contacting Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s office. Secretary LaRose forwarded your message to me for my review and response. We appreciate hearing from you.

Can you clarify what assistance you’re seeking from the Secretary of State’s office?

Thank you.

I responded:

Mr. Ward,
If you note the third case-
A felon was allowed to run for office- with no intention of completing the term if elected.
This was perpetuated by the FBI and the DOJ.
Allowing this kind of criminal election tampering is the purview of the SOS.
I believe the costs of the election- as well as all the donations to candidates forced to run again- should be repaid by the FBI and the DOJ.

This is as Un-American as it gets.

He still doesn’t get it-

Mr. Esrati –

Thank you for your response. Again, I’m unclear as to what specific assistance you’re seeking from our office. Can you please clarify?

Thank you.

You have to wonder, if the SOS doesn’t see a problem with a government entity running felons for office, with a tacit agreement to have that felon step down if elected- that we’ve made a joke of our elections.

But- I started with Dayton’s new chief of police- who hasn’t responded at all:

“Dear Chief Afzal,
I was reading the NY Times this morning and ran across a story about the Ukrainians who can’t leave the war zone.
In it- was this:

“Disillusionment with previous corrupt governments helped propel President Volodymyr Zelensky to power in Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion, popular support for him has soared as the country has overwhelmingly backed his determination to fight. Yet there remains a deep, latent cynicism for the government and officials in Ukraine.
Ms. Tvyaniuk said she had spent 12 years fighting for justice after a corrupt court ruled against her and her daughter. Her daughter had successfully sued her former husband for alimony and child care payments but the police never enforced the court order and a judge helped falsify documents to overturn the ruling.
“The police protected the courts and the courts protected the police,” she said. “This happened under Ukrainian rule, and now I don’t know if it would be better under Russian rule or Ukrainian.””

Now, you would think that nothing like this ever happens in Dayton Ohio.
I have three examples where crimes have been committed, where no one is willing to do a thing for the people.
I would hope you might.

In the first case, a woman embezzled money from two service disabled veterans. $35K from one, and $3K from another. Different detectives took the case to the grand jury. Obviously, there was a LOT more evidence for the larger theft.
In that case, run by Detective Farkas- the jury returned no true bill on ANY counts- including clear examples of forgery.
On the second case, Detective Grieshop got an indictment- and the case resulted in multiple felony pleas- and repayment. Case 2019 CR 02985

I am the person holding on to a civil judgement for $70K that I can’t get help collecting. Yet- if I stopped making my mortgage payments, the Sheriff would help the bank seize my house over a lot less than that. That’s two travesties- one that she wasn’t prosecuted- and the second- I can’t collect.

I choose these cases carefully. I’m a veteran. I know if I pepper sprayed a prisoner of war with pepper spray, point blank in his face, while he was restrained, I’d be guilty of a war crime under the Geneva Convention. Yet, this has happened at least twice in the Montgomery County Jail, which is in the City of Dayton- and which takes Daytonians, into custody, before they’ve been proved guilty in a court of law- and allows them to be tortured. Please see
Not only was no one prosecuted- the first criminal, was promoted from Sgt to Major before taking a retirement. The Sheriff- got promoted to State Rep. This is criminal activity condoned by your predecessor and the City Commission.

The third case, is one where a sitting City Commissioner was caught accepting bribes by the DOJ and the FBI while in office. Joey D. Williams was then asked to be a confidential informant, where he provided information to the FBI as I published on March 1 2020.
As early as Aug 2015, Williams had admitted to felonies in office to the FBI. They chose to NOT prosecute him, and instead allowed him to become a Confidential Informant.

I published the report for an interview of Williams from 10/02/2015 where Williams was actively collecting evidence and giving info to the Feds.
The FBI and the DOJ committed a federal crime- Misprision of a Felony- by NOT prosecuting him and removing him from office.
They never indicted ANYONE else within the city apparatus- no other commissioners, the mayor, the city manager, the people who hired you with the exception of Darryl Fairchild- who had to run in a special election that cost the taxpayers a lot of money and Shenise Turner Sloss who was elected later.
Williams was allowed to run for commission as a caught felon. This would be a “Manchurian Candidate” except the enemy power- in this case, is our Federal Government.
“A Manchurian candidate is a person, especially a politician, being used as a puppet by an enemy power. The term is commonly used to indicate disloyalty or corruption, whether intentional or unintentional.”

Williams had an agreement with the Feds, that should he win, he’d resign, which he did. His later indictment, soft sentence of a year in prison (which was cut short by Covid- he served 3 months) is an insult to the public.

If there is a reason for mistrust of police, of government, of our system of government that could be extrapolated to result in the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th 2021- it’s the result of very real, not imagined injustices.
John Stuart Mill said  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I am asking you to do something. Do your job.
Reopen the investigation into how Jennifer Selhorst (who was concurrently engaged in other similar criminal acts) got away with no true bill.
Investigate and charge jailers for torture in the jail you use.
And, join me in the fight to get the tapes of Nan Whaley that were presented to the Grand Jury released- and the Federal Agents, starting with Lance Kepple, charged with Misprision of a Felony at the least- and racketeering or even treason for tampering with elections and misleading the public.

Thank you”

I guess I just don’t know what counts as a crime anymore. Apparently, it’s more important to arrest people with probation violations, who end up shooting rent-a-cops and themselves at Miami Valley Hospital, than arrest people and government officials who commit real crimes.



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