Need Broadband- but no phone, no cable? New option in Dayton.

I’m not vouching for them.

This isn’t an ad.

But, I saw this booth at the 2nd Street Public Market today- and thought a few of you might be interested. is selling high-speed wireless using radio. It’s 1.6mb down and 256kb up. Around $39 a month- or $49 with a fixed IP. It’s not a card for a notebook- but more like a wireless router. Plug it into the wall- plug in your ethernet cable and off you go.

The local AE is Mindy Johnson- 937-654-7480 and the toll-free number is 888-clearwire.

I don’t know how it compares in price to data modems from cell companies- or coverage areas- but- it’s just one more way to access the ‘net around here.

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