Who to blame for school levy failures?

From a piece of chain e-mail:

Most of you are familiar with the failure of Dayton and other area school

levies. Many, if not all, of you probably also realize that the levy failure

is part of a much bigger issue: state funding for schools. The ohio supreme

court has ruled the state funding system unconstitutional four times and has

ordered the general assembly to completely overhaul and restructure it.

alas, the general assembly has not done so. The current system places the

bulk of the burden for school funding on districts and therefore on local

property taxes. This is inequitable to say the least. Below are the names

and emails for state senators and representatives on the finance committees.

I would encourage all of you to write them as well as to write your local

senator and representative and tell them to get off their legislative polls

and start fixing this.


I would also encourage you to visit these websites:





Even if you don’t have kids or kids in the public schools, this is a huge

issue that affects our communities and our state. Please take some time to

look into and get involved. Thanks!


Committee on Finance and Financial Institutions


John Carey, Chair

[email protected]


Steve Stivers

[email protected]


Dale Miller

[email protected]


Eric H. Kearney

[email protected]


Ron Amstutz

[email protected]


Ray Miller

[email protected]


Steve Austria

[email protected]


Tom Roberts

[email protected]


Gary Cates

[email protected]state.oh.us


Patricia M. Clancy

[email protected]


Randy Gardner

[email protected]


Tom Niehaus

[email protected]


Joy Padgett

[email protected]


Go here to find local Senator:



Sixth District Senator Jeff Jacobson

[email protected]



Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee

is subcommittee of

Finance and Appropriations


John M. Schlichter, Chair

[email protected]


Jon M. Peterson

[email protected]


Bill Coley

[email protected]


Fred Strahorn

[email protected]


Jennifer Garrison

[email protected]



Go here to find local Representative:



37th District Representative Jon Husted

[email protected]

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