OMG! 3 hurt by lightning at Troy Strawberry Fest-

This was the top headline in today’s Dayton Daily News.

This isn’t news, this isn’t reporting, this isn’t important, this isn’t going to sell papers- this is little more than over the fence gossip.

The Dayton Daily News thinks its customers are morons- and that, according to the late, great, ad-genius, David Ogilvy- is a primordial level mistake. “The consumer isn’t stupid, the consumer is your mother” was what he said- and talking baby talk to us isn’t helping our world standing.

If Dayton can’t make up its mind about being Mayberry RFD or the global leader in RFID- the Dayton Daily News already has for us- and unfortunately- we’re in Barney Fife land now.

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I only read the DDN online. Are the articles as short and superficial in the print edition as online? I recall reading an article on the Delphi plant closing in Moraine that was less than 500 words. It barely scratched the surface of what I would expect for such an important regional event.

When I lived in Dayton 6 years ago, I don’t recall the paper being quite as superficial.


You can thank Jeff Bruce, recently retired editor of the DDN, for the dumbing down of the newspaper. Max Jennings, his predessor, had soul and the interests of the community at heart. He was a journalist who understood what was important about and for Dayton as opposed to Bruce who appealed to those who wanted to know the latest about Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton. Bruce has never had this community’s best interests at heart. He could care less about history and this city’s roots. Tear down the old. Build new . . . that’s “progressive.” The Arcade? Forget it . . . tear it down. Building 26? It’s old . . . tear it down. These are his own words. It’s scary, but he’s on the UD committee for deciding what to do with the memory of Joe Desch and the Codebreakers. With “friends” of Dayton like these, who needs enemies?