Mike “teflon” Turner denies wife’s business is a slush fund

This isn’t the first time I’ve pointed out that Lori Turner’s business has grown as her husbands position has risen. I first pointed it out in this post (which is cited by Wikipedia)

Is Turner Effect a slush fund for Mike Turner supporters?

If you can’t donate enough to Mike’s campaign, just hire Lori- and pay inflated prices. It’s what the Dayton Development Coalition did for the “Get Midwest” campaign- and it’s what Qbase did, and countless others.

The Dayton Daily News reported today- on what Mike Bock broke last Friday on DaytonOS– although none of us have seen the actual article yet:

Owens has scheduled a press conference — spurred by an article in the Aug. 18 edition of the investigative magazine Mother Jones — for today, Aug. 20. Turner called the press conference “an election-year publicity stunt.”

“This campaign is about my record, not Lori’s business,” he said. He would not elaborate on the details of his or Lori’s business relationship with Peebles, but, when asked if the company benefited from his position in Congress, he said “no.”

Ohio secretary of state records show Peebles and Lori Turner filed the articles of organization for the company on Nov. 5, 2002, the day Mike Turner was elected to Congress. The company was dissolved on Feb. 28 of this year, less than three weeks after a Dayton Daily News article raised questions about a no-bid contract from the Dayton Development Coalition to Lori Turner’s marketing firm. The coalition lobbies Mike Turner, among other officeholders, for earmarks for local economic development projects.

Lori Turner withdrew her firm, The Turner Effect, from the coalition’s “Get Midwest” branding campaign on Feb. 19, saying controversy over the contract was causing a distraction from the campaign. Coalition officials said The Turner Effect collected about $400,000 in fees.

Peebles Homes of Beavercreek was a homebuilder in two Beavercreek communities, The Woods of Beavercreek and Canterbury Trails.

Tom Peebles and his wife, Sandra, have donated $10,000 to Turner’s political campaigns since February 2002, according to federal elections records.

Peebles also had a business relationship with Mike Turner. Ohio secretary of state records show that in 1997, when Turner was a local attorney and the mayor of Dayton, he was secretary for Tom Peebles’ Hometown Homes Inc., formerly Peebles Builders Inc

Turner calls Dems’ charges a ‘publicity stunt’.

While it’s probably premature for Mark Owens to be calling a press conference, and stupid of Turner to call it a publicity stunt, the reality is Mike Turner and Lori Turner have some serious explaining to do.

Mostly: How can Lori Turner have a GSA schedule and do work for the Federal Government and it not seem like a conflict of interest?

How can Lori Turner do work for the Home Depot PAC, which has also donated to her husbands campaign and it not be questionable?

And lastly- how can Lori Turner do a no bid contract with the Dayton Development Coalition which is partially funded by the county- and charge outrageous amounts?

While they nailed Ted Stevens for failure to disclose– is there a penalty for the taxpayers for failure to see the obvious?

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Acording to the house ethics office, apparently Turner is clear of anything officially wrong. I figure Turner is too sharp to actually cross the line with this stuff.


And an independent government watchdog group said the same thing. Owens just had to reach and attack Turner with something. The Democratic candidate is pathetic and has no substance. Her platform revolves around “well, Strickland and Brown won the district during their elections, so Democrats should win”. You would’ve been a better candidate esrati.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thanks on my candidacy. I wasn’t sure if I could win- the district being what it is, and Turners cash position- but, I thought I could at least wound. Jane will have to hope Mike Turner meets Monica Lewinsky, drives off a bridge with her in Chappaquiddick, and then reaches under the stall at an airport on his way back to Dayton.



I just find the Mitakides campaign to be either completely clueless or incredibly moronic. I mean, she issued a press statement in early August talking about a military sexual response act she wanted Congress to pass, and she used that press release to bash Turner and his record on voting for the protection of women in the military. However, Turner and Jane Harman introduced a separate bill similar to that one in late July. Is Mitakides just that much of an imbecile? Or is just a bad politician. Wait two more years and go again in 2010.


I figure Mitakides is a sacrificial lamb candidate. The Dems have to contest the seat, but are not serious about winning it, or even trying to be competitive.

Esrati would likely have lost too, but he would have run a competitive campaign.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

It is the Republican Way.

Victory Strategies, which paid Greer $125,161, was given “a large amount for services that were never performed” by the company, prosecutors alleged.