Just remember how they spent their summer vacation in November of 09

While Dayton taxpayers are being asked to support yet another levy for the Dayton Public Schools, and our services are being cut, the three members of the Dayton City Commission up for reelection in November 2009 decided to take a little trip half-way around the world on your tax dollars:

Taxpayers paid $10,000 airfare for trip to sister cities
On June 11, McLin and Whaley traveled to Holon, Israel, where they were joined by Commissioner Joey Williams. In Holon, the mayor and commissioners toured the city and attended a conference to discuss sister city issues.

Several topics discussed during the visits included establishing an exchange program with the University of Sarajevo and five Miami Valley universities. They also talked about housing issues, transportation and the economy.

The delegation returned to Dayton, Monday, June 16.

The city of Dayton covered the cost of airfare for the mayor and commissioners. Spouses who traveled with the commissioners paid their own way. Lodging and food was provided by hosting cities or the Sister Cities organization, Tom Biedenharn, spokesman for the city said.

The $10,000 that was set aside for airfare included the price of a ticket for Commissioner Dean Lovelace, which was not purchased.

Maybe the money would be better spent suing the State of New York for “investing” 1.5 Million of New Yorkers tax dollars to poach the C-suite salaries of NCR and robbing Dayton of the tax revenue?

No, they wouldn’t think to do something like that, that would take guts and a brain.

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