The Dayton (s)election on Tuesday

I’m not going to tell you how to vote. That would be pompous and very Dayton Daily News like (although rumor had it- they don’t endorse anymore- I don’t know since iOS5 came out- their iPad app has been broken- so I can’t see the editorials).

But, because I tend to tell all when it comes to Dayton politics, I figured my readers should know how I’m voting.

The issues:

Issue 1: I’m voting no. While I think it’s fine that we can have justices for life on the Supreme Court- even they are smart enough to know when to resign for the most part (although it sucks that some have to wait for a President of their persuasion to be in charge before handing over the seat). As to judges in Ohio being able to run later in life- I don’t see the need. As it is- even when they retire- they all can keep serving as visiting judges etc- and do, well past their prime. Let’s give some younger people a shot. Especially since the way we elect judges in Ohio is stupid anyway (there are limits on what they can say or not say when running). We need better ways to elect judges – not a way to keep them in forever.

Issue 2: Vote HELL NO on 2. Even though it has some things I agree with- like requiring government workers to pay at least 15% of their health care costs (too low a bar to begin with) and that it would end the stupidity of “prevailing wage”- and pay for longevity over performance- the idea that collective bargaining goes out the door is insane (just like our Wall Street governor). Instead of using a wrecking ball, this bill needs to be handled like a chisel in the hands of DaVinci- finely trimming the excesses of the ages while still respecting the rights of public employees.

Issue 3: Vote No. Health insurance is no difference than the mob promising not to hurt you if you pay them for “protection”- the idea of leveling the playing field with insurance for all is a step in the right direction- but not really the same as universal health care. This proposition will probably end up in the courts- and just cost us more money arguing while the insurance companies continue to rip us all off as useless middle men with too much power. Unfortunately, we don’t get the option of voting for universal health care- and cutting insurance people out of it altogether.

Dayton City Commission: Matt Joseph hasn’t done anything in 8 years except avoid running against me. His record- what little there is – is that of a placeholder.  Can’t vote for dead weight.

Dean Lovelace- wouldn’t even be in office had Mark Henry not resigned mid-term and created a special election- back in 1989 (I think) – I jumped in that race and siphoned some votes away from the white wives’ candidates: Judy Orick and Mary Sue Kessler, giving Dean his win. He’s been right on predatory lending and the “living wage”- but was so wrong on the equality vote (see reader David Lauri’s page ) and his absolute failure with the Department of Justice intervention for integration- that he’s cost this city its public safety. Not only that, he suffered a stroke a few years ago and has been coddled though it (missing as many meetings as he did- he should have been replaced). We need new blood.

Speaking of blood- we’ve got a bloody mess running- with the tacit approval of Mayor Leitzell- William Pace. The DDN ripped him a new one several weeks after the Dayton Informer published about Pace’s legal mess and bankruptcies. Pace has no business being in office- or even on the ballot, but, that’s because we have a process built into the charter that does a great job of stopping people from running. The reality is- Pace winning might finally cause the voters- or give us a commission that might change the rules- as opposed to having doorstop Joseph and ludicrous Lovelace continue on forever… begrudgingly, since you can’t write in- or recall, or do anything to change it other than to screw it up worse- I’m voting for Pace. Heaven help us.

Mark Manovich wouldn’t be on the ballot had I not gotten him 150 signatures (he got me 50). I’ve known Mark a long time- having served with him on the board of South Park Social Capital- an organization I founded- and he pretty much destroyed (he lost a lot of his own money on it- ’nuff said). Mark is an order of magnitude smarter than anyone on the current commission- and is so far from being a politician (other than having the law degree) that he, combined with Leitzell (another who fits that “so far from being a politician” mold) that we might actually see some interesting conversation at the legal meetings of the commission. I’m voting for Mark- without reservation. He’s the best candidate we’ve had in ages.

Note, in 2 years, things will be much different in the Whaley, Williams, Leitzell races- with many candidates in primaries- and  big money at play. I hope to have some exciting young candidates on the ballot to give us some real brainpower on the commission- if Dayton is still a functioning city… and not a subdivision of Montgomery County.

Dayton School Board- you can vote for three of the four. Not a real choice- it’s just about picking sides. There is Bill Schooler, who has teamed up with Robert Walker for the Full Reverend Ticket- vs. Nancy Nearny/Sheila Taylor team. Which do you want to go with? Who will be the odd person out? We could also call this the battle of the sexes, but why- or even black vs. white.

The real problem is the school board is divided. What’s even more interesting is Nearny and Taylor picked Schooler to be on the board over 5 other qualified candidates. Schooler absolutely gets my vote for voting no on the tax giveaway to UD and GE.

Walker has a long history of service running the Wesley center. I’ve been impressed with him for years. He’s a grounded, well meaning man of principle.

As to Nearny- she almost didn’t make it on the ballot, coming up short- before the Board of (S)Elections found her an extra 8 signatures. She’s the easier one to have a discussion with compared to Taylor who is a County worker in a patronage office.

Since the top 3 vote-getters get in- I’m only voting for 2 – Walker and Schooler. I’d prefer Nearny over Taylor, but, can’t vote for her due to her vote to give GE a tax break. I also don’t appreciate her getting a hall pass on signatures (I was 3 short once- they couldn’t find them for me). I even signed her petition.

These are my opinions- and mine only. You do as you please. It’s a free country (even if elections are generally owned by the 1%).

Remember to vote on Tuesday, November 8. Then pray immediately after- unfortunately this is not an opportunity to elect or vote on the best or smartest, just the best of what we have.

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