Dayton Public Schools pick style over substance

It’s time to recall the School Board – at least the ones who voted to choose Ronald Lee over David Bohardt because of “personality”- see DDN article excerpt below:

GM retiree picked for city school board
The Dayton school board Wednesday night chose Ronald Lee as its newest member.

Board President Yvonne Isaacs said the retired GM autoworker was picked over David Bohardt, who challenged Rhine McLin for mayor in 2005, and Ken Hook, an ex-teacher and former restaurant owner, because Lee’s personality was the best fit with the board.

“We’re not looking for a rubber stamp, which I don’t think Ron will be at all, but someone who will work with the board to reach consensus and support the positions of the board,” Isaacs said.

Forget original thought in Dayton- we just like to have “leaders” that work as a herd- not anyone that could actually be heard.

Why do the School Board Members that got voted out- have any right to weigh in on this decision? Maybe it would have been smarter to take the last cut of the last election to fill the seat instead of an appointment.

Either way, it’s obvious that “Kids First” is only that in name only- right now, it’s more about them first than the kids.

Any thoughts?

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