Dayton Public Schools pick style over substance

It’s time to recall the School Board – at least the ones who voted to choose Ronald Lee over David Bohardt because of “personality”- see DDN article excerpt below:

GM retiree picked for city school board
The Dayton school board Wednesday night chose Ronald Lee as its newest member.

Board President Yvonne Isaacs said the retired GM autoworker was picked over David Bohardt, who challenged Rhine McLin for mayor in 2005, and Ken Hook, an ex-teacher and former restaurant owner, because Lee’s personality was the best fit with the board.

“We’re not looking for a rubber stamp, which I don’t think Ron will be at all, but someone who will work with the board to reach consensus and support the positions of the board,” Isaacs said.

Forget original thought in Dayton- we just like to have “leaders” that work as a herd- not anyone that could actually be heard.

Why do the School Board Members that got voted out- have any right to weigh in on this decision? Maybe it would have been smarter to take the last cut of the last election to fill the seat instead of an appointment.

Either way, it’s obvious that “Kids First” is only that in name only- right now, it’s more about them first than the kids.

Any thoughts?

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Joe Lacey
Joe Lacey

Ron Lee has a pretty substantial resume, Downtown priority board chair, Citizens’ Financial Review Group, Board of Zoning Appeals, the city’s youth commission and more. He comes highly recommended by a pretty diverse group of people. President Isaacs may have been caught off guard and seemed a little defensive with her comments, possibly because board members pushed to elect that night rather than recess until another day.

David Esrati
David Esrati

David Bohardt has shown that he’s willing to get out in front and LEAD- not just be a member of some committee. He’s also willing to run as an independent in a non-partisan election for Mayor- something that shows gumption- something severely lacking on the DPS board.
Great that you are commenting here- I just found your comments on Scott Elliots blog accusing me of not having ideas. I just finished ripping you a new one in a post a few minutes ago.
Time for you to step up your game, youngster. Get a blog- tell us what’s really going on with the DPS board.

Drexel Dave

“Time for you to step up your game, youngster. Get a blog- tell us what’s really going on with the DPS board.”

Maybe one of the most un-intentionally funny things written in a long time.

Joe Lacey
Joe Lacey

I encouraged David Bohardt to apply and to run for the school board. David was my first choice but that doesn’t make Ron Lee any less of a leader or any less qualified for the board. To dismiss Ron as just a member of some committee doesn’t look at his contributions. He chaired the Downtown Priority Board. The Citizens’ Financial Review Group involves a level of involvement in fiscal policy that the school board has, under Kid’s First, refused to take part in. Ron is one of the more qualified applicants we’ve had in a while. David has some great qualifications too. I don’t think you can characterize this as a leader versus a follower. If you do, I don’t think you know Ron Lee.
At 48, I suspect I’m older than you, David, but thanks for the “youngster” comment.

Drexel Dave

You wear 48 really well Joe.

Question: Did David make any of these comments to you personally, or wait until the cover of blog made it easier?

Mr. Esrati does have some great ideas, but too often they get bogged down or completely overlooked by childish comments like the “youngster” one.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I’m 45.
What I say on my blog- and what I say face to face is pretty much the same.
As to Ron Lee- yep, I don’t know him. That may be because he hasn’t stepped up to the podium in the same way that David Bohardt has- which is my point.
We need people who can get up and stand on their own- without props of party endorsements, or cults of personalty, or patronage peons.
I’m hoping Ron Lee speaks up- and out, because I haven’t heard a whole lot of original thinking coming out of the school board- just group think, and that ain’t getting it.

Drexel Dave

So I take it that you told Joe how unimpressed you were with him following the meeting. Although “pretty much” does leave room to wiggle.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Drexel- I was shooting the video- not asking the questions- not my place to comment there. After we were done shooting- I had other things to deal with- like editing- and getting it onto YouTube- not time to chit-chat.
The point is- I have my space to say my piece and be judged- here. I’m waiting for the other “leadership” in Dayton to step up and do the same.

Scott Elliott


A couple points to keep in mind. This board had no choice but to pick Littlejohn’s replacement now. They did not have the option to wait until January and let the new board do it. That’s because state law prevents the board from conducting any business until the new board member is named and Dayton just cannot go two months without the board conducting business.

Also, to take the last cut in the school board race, the board would have had to convince Mario Gallin to resign and apply for Gail Littlejohn’s open seat. Funny thing is, I heard Lee Massoud considered doing so, but ultimately rejected the idea becuase she thought it would be seen as circumventing the will of the voters who just tossed her out of office.


David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Scott,
I know the law and the requirements- but a candidate we voted for- beats one we haven’t. At least they had the guts to run- when the seat was open.
Gail’s timing of taking this job- after the ballot was set all smells a little fishy anyway.
And, I’ve been wondering- although it’s really none of my business- does this mean Gail and the Judge are divorced? Or just a commuter marriage? I haven’t seen mention in the paper – maybe I just missed it.
I had previously heard rumors that Gail was planning to run against Rhine- living in Texas would end that.

Scott Elliott

Gail definitely will not be running against the mayor. That is one of the many long running rumors about her alleged political ambitions that proved false. She is still happily married and Judge Littlejohn plans to join her in Texas once he retires. I think she said he had somewhere between one and two years left to go. They are going to be commuting in the meantime. But Gail told me they do plan to sell their house and move south permanently.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

But Gail told me they do plan to sell their house and move south permanently.

Another joining the long list of people who screwed it up and moved on.