It’s time to draft Mike Ervin for Mayor of Dayton.

Dr. Ervin thinks he can “get more done behind the scenes” than as the Mayor of Dayton.

He’s been working closely with City Manager Rashad Young to make his arts district fly.

Now he leaks the confidential plans for the Downtown ice arena, as he’s also pushing the new downtown trolly- plus the “Greater Downtown” vision. Sounds like he’s the shadow mayor of Downtown.

The problem is, the real Mayor isn’t and hasn’t, made us look good over the last 7 years. She won’t do any better over the next four. She’s not well liked or respected in the suburbs, she doesn’t understand that she’s not supposed to lead the city- but to guide the city manager (who is paid 4x what she is – FOR A REASON)- and she doesn’t exactly exude the confidence or competence that Mike Turner parlayed into a seat in Congress.

We need Mike Ervin to realize that we can’t wait another four years for someone to step-up who can effectively lead the City Commission (board of directors) to guide the City Manager (CEO) to get the city back on track.

Dr. Ervin would have the instant support of the entire business community, the suburban stakeholders that own property but can’t vote and I’m pretty sure, most of the population.

We need change, and we need someone with the business experience to step up. He’s made the investment in his home, his neighborhood- and now, it’s time to invest just a few hours of his time per week to be the first true Mayor/Chairman of the Board the city has had in decades.

Please get your friends to read this- and encourage Mike to run by adding your comments.

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