West Carrollton

Bad when Georgia does it: Good when Montgomery County does?

We had no problem crying foul when the State of Georgia “stole” NCR world HQ from Dayton. Those dirty rotten bastards used $100,000,000 in tax incentives to buy our jobs out from under us. Bad, evil people in Georgia. So, what’s the difference when Montgomery County decides to give tax dollars to local company Motoman Read More

Issues on the May 5th 2009 ballot in Montgomery County Ohio

Subdivision Name    Issue #    Issue Type    Issue Description    Millage    Length City City of Miamisburg    1    Replacement    Fire and Emergency Medical    3.0    CPT City of West Carrollton    2    Renewal    Income Taxes    .25 % Income    CPT City of West Carrollton    3    Utility    Gas Aggregation Village of New Lebanon    4    Additional    Streets, Roads, and Bridges    2.5    3 yrs Read More