Is David Esrati crazy? He says he is. Video proof

As long as I’ve been running for office, people in hushed voices have said, “That’s Esrati, he’s crazy.” Donning a black hood at a city commission meeting and getting arrested didn’t help dispel that notion. The fact that I don’t quit- running time after time, you know that quote they attribute to Albert Einstein “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, that’s the definition of insanity” – and they apply it to me as justification for writing me off as, well, crazy.

So, because 9 out of 10 candidates, in my experience, don’t say anything interesting, or even remotely worth hearing- I decided to confront my reputation head on- and tell the voters, yep- I’m crazy. Watch this and see if you agree (I included the question for the commission candidates- as well as a woman trying to refocus the question after the other 3 tried to redirect the blame).

If you want to know the truth, really, the voters are the crazy ones- they keep voting for the same people who give them the results that they aren’t happy with. Until they realize that in order to spend $260,000 to get 5,000 votes in the primary, like Ms. Whaley has- you have to give something back to your donors. And, most Dayton voters should be smart enough to know that her money isn’t coming from the voters in this community.

I’m within $450 of my $10,000 goal. Please consider donating so I can totally concentrate on giving you the most bang for a campaign dollar the United States has ever seen. So far, I’ve hung over 250 basketball nets, 3 new rims at Princeton Rec Center, cleaned up broken glass and weeds on courts all over the city (including the ones yesterday with some help)

And if you really want to help “Crazy Esrati” get elected- volunteer- call me at 937-985-1312 and I’ll get some literature and a walk list for you to go talk to voters.

After the event, a bunch of people came up and told me they were voting for me. They wish there were more crazy people like me running for office, “’cause if you are crazy, I must be too.”

You can watch the un-crazy politicians, including AJ Wagner who referenced me at least 3 times in his opening speech here:

Just remember, only the crazy candidate makes sure you have every event to watch on YouTube, because he not only believes in open honest government, he actually walks the talk. Actions should speak louder than words.


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