Smoke and mirrors: Trammell goes to prison, while no one questions how it happened

Want to lose friends in high places in Dayton Ohio- ask questions about who is ultimately responsible for misuse of public funds. I ask- I lose friends.

I’m not part of the friends and family program that makes sure our “friends and family” all have jobs.

I asked “Who’s the criminal? SCLC, Montgomery County, Caresource?” back in February 2010. I lost friends.

I asked it again in “Who’s the criminal part 2: IMR or Caresource” in 2013

The question of why anyone would think it would be a smart idea to give federal welfare dollars to a felon who had been convicted of welfare fraud just never gets asked?

Who’s the criminal? SCLC, Montgomery County, Caresource? – See more at:

Trammell, pastor of Central Baptist Church in Jefferson Twp., was convicted June 1, 2012, after a jury trial in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Evidence showed he claimed to be providing meals to dead people, members of his church who were hospitalized or living in nursing homes and not receiving extra meals, and people who said they didn’t know they were being claimed as recipients. Montgomery County reimbursed $38,000 to Trammell’s SCLC, which administered the program, for 7,000 meals that weren’t delivered between 2005 and early 2010.

It wasn’t Trammell’s first felony conviction. He spent a year in prison starting in 1979 after a jury convicted him of larceny and grand theft for opening fraudulent welfare accounts for his personal gain while he was deputy director of the Montgomery County Welfare Department. He used the name of a relative in one of the false accounts, and used a man who had consulted with him about marital problems to cash welfare checks and redeem food stamps for him.

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Where is our prosecutor, where is public inquiry, where is the “I-Team”?

Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said Trammell, 76, of Dayton should begin his sentence now.

“Not only did this defendant steal taxpayer money, but he denied meals as promised to elderly and frail citizens,” Heck said in a statement. “It is now time that he start serving the sentence he earned and deserves for stealing from those most in need. His conduct over many years is shameful.”

When is Mat Heck going to investigate the people who repeatedly signed off on the contract to Trammell, and continued to pay invoices without any question? Who was the genius who approved this in the first place?

Accountability is nonexistent in Dayton unless of course you are a convenient scapegoat like Reverend Trammell.

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