Another $155K of your tax dollars to a private corporation

The corporate handouts don’t stop. While we can’t afford national health care if you listen to the tea party people, and the city, county and state are cutting programs left and right, we still have tax money to donate to financially strong companies like Cintas for “economic development.”

This is nothing but the rich getting rich by stealing from the poor.

Cintas pays Scott D. Farmer – CEO a Total Compensation: $ 1.01 M according to the daily finance site yet Ohio and Dayton feel the need to give them some of your money:

Ohio is giving Cintas Corp. $30,000 toward an expansion and consolidation project in Dayton.

The state controlling board Monday approved a rapid outreach grant for the company to use toward building and infrastructure improvements for its project on Brandt Street.

In December, city officials announced that Cincinnati-based Cintas (Nasdaq: CTAS) would add 100 jobs in Dayton within three years by opening a financial services office. Plans call for a $500,000 investment at Cintas’ Brandt Street location for the new center including renovations, a parking lot expansion and new equipment.

The financial services office — the Cintas Financial Shared Services — will service Cintas operations in Ohio and surrounding states. Dayton City Commissioners approved a $125,000 development fund grant to support the project. City officials say Dayton competed with several cities in several other states for the office.

via Cintas lands incentives to create 100 jobs in Dayton – Dayton Business Journal:.

Same stupidity as reported by the DDN: 150 Jobs to be added to Dayton Facility

Note- the headlines don’t even agree on “number of jobs”

I’m not sure where you or I signed up to be involved in this “competition” for placing their offices in our community? If we are going to invest in this company, we should do it like everyone else- buy stock.

If this isn’t outrageous to you, it should be. It’s time for a Constitutional Amendment to end this corporate welfare.

And for the record- $125K pays at least two additional police officers for Dayton for one year. They actually try to return things stolen from taxpayers– unlike the corporate robber barons.

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