Set-asides, preferences, HUBzones and 8a

My business is Ohio EDGE certified, HUBzone certified and an SDVOB. For all that, it’s not done much to help acquire government business. Most of you have no idea what any of that means- and it’s just as well. Not only does doing business with the government require a whole new set of skills and the learning of a new language: govspeak. What takes 4-6 pages to do business in the real world, becomes a 150-page proposal when dealing with the government.

So when the City decides to start creating its own set of preferences for awarding contracts, we get one more set of hoops to jump through and another language to learn:

Key features of the revised Procurement Enhancement Program include:

* Sets annual goals for awarding construction projects — 17 percent for minority businesses, 5 percent for female businesses and 20 percent for small businesses — and all other city contracts out for bid.

* Establishes a local preference for hiring businesses in the city first and county second.

* Helps local minority, female and small businesses get certified for inclusion in the program, provides them with technical assistance and conducts outreach to improve their chances in the city’s bidding process.

* Requires a good-faith effort from major contractors to partner with local minority and female businesses before bidding on contracts.

* Tracks the effectiveness of the program by reviewing the monthly data on spending with minority, female and small businesses.

via City wants more participation from female, minority businesses.

Of course, Greg and I have something to say about all this-so you have a short post and a video to comment on.


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