How to add cops on the street- cheap

Trying to get the Dayton Police Department to write traffic tickets like Oakwood or Kettering is like trying to get a candidate to run against the machine here- ain’t going to happen.

So- instead of having real cops stand outside with laser detectors- why not use:

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The New York Times reports the town of Smyrna, Tennessee has posted life-size, corrugated plastic cutouts of cops holding speed guns at busy intersections in town… (click the link above to see the rest of the article- the link to the Times is gone)

Photo of real cop behind his photo double.

The trick comes, when you actually put the real cop out with his cutout- so you can never tell if it’s real, or Officer Rex.

The perception of Oakwood as a quiet, safe city- comes in part from their crackdown on speeders. Dayton suffers as a perceived wild-west of boom-thunk cars and smoking rubber. A few cut-out cops and a little enforcement might start to change things.

Opinions anyone?

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