Rehabarama is alive in South Park- free home tours

Staircase handrail handcrafted by Hamilton Dixon- South Park RehabaramaFor the last year, 2 developers have been buying up old, dilapidated homes in the South Park Historic District of Dayton Ohio. They’ve been working like crazy the last three months getting the houses ready for Rehabarama- the showcase of renovated homes.

The cooks dream kitchen in South Park, open during RehabaramaThis is the second time we’ve hosted Rehabarama in our neighborhood- the first time was in 2001 and was funded by the city. This time, it’s all sweat equity and a labor of love by Theresa Gasper and Michael DeFlora, the developers.

The upstairs bedroom- has an upstairs loft! The best of Bonner street on display at RehabaramaJust yesterday the house behind mine didn’t have a yard with grass, or any interior furnishings- as of 4pm yesterday- it was ready to show. The tour is free, come to the tent off Park Drive (1 block North of Wyoming at Wayne Ave).

Houses that you could have bought for $30,000 last year- are now ready to buy for anywhere from $130,000 to $249,000. One on my street has already sold for $230,000.

It’s another great thing to do in Dayton- that’s free and fun.

It will run through Oct 22nd. So come on down.

More info on the homes here: 

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