Cheeseheads know hockey. You can too.

Next weekend- Oct 12-13, 07, The Lefty Mcfadden College Hockey Invitational comes back to the Nutter Center. College hockey at it’s best- with the 06 champion Wisconsin Badgers coming to town and bringing their fans.

With the Dayton Bombers going to the Kelley Cup Finals last season, and this line up for the Lefty- it’s time for you to discover the joys of good hockey. Besides- this brings sports tourist dollars to the area- just like SportsPlex would:

Hockey tournament to bring $500K to area – Dayton Business Journal:
The 2006 NCAA hockey champions are among the four teams set to carve up the ice at the 2007 Lefty McFadden College Hockey Invitational.

The Ohio State Buckeyes, Wisconsin Badgers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Mercyhurst Lakers will compete at the Nutter Center Oct. 12 and 13, according to event organizers.

Wisconsin was the NCAA “Frozen Four” champion in 2006. Notre Dame was the 2006-07 Central Collegiate Hockey Association champion and spent much of the season atop the Division I college hockey polls.

Incoming fans could generate anywhere from $450,000 and $550,000 in economic impact, based on 3,000 to 4,000 people attending per night, said Kathleen Young, executive director of the Greene County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Organizers said they are seeing a spike in pre-sale discounted two-day passes this year, up 25 percent to 30 percent, with buyers from Ohio’s neighboring states, plus Wisconsin, New York, Tennessee and Canada, said tournament director Bob Brogan.

“Although we have offered a two-day tickets before, we’ve never had this kind of reception,” Brogan said. “Frankly, the way the Wisconsin people responded has been totally astounding.”

The tournament generally draws in 2,500 to 3,500 per night, Brogan said, but this year could draw as many as 5,000 per night.

The Dayton Hockey Foundation sponsors the Lefty McFadden College Hockey Invitational and also manages the Dayton Hockey Hall of Fame. It is a nonprofit organization that performs philanthropic acts in the Dayton area through hockey-related activities.

I hope County Commissioner Dan Foley shows up at the Lefty- and uses this as justification to get our planning for a local Sports Authority into high gear.

And- Welcome to Dayton you Cheeseheads.

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I’ve heard you jokingly mention a downtown Arena on here a couple times. But I’m kinda surprised you’re not leading the charge to get that issue discussed.

Am I the only one that thinks it sucks that the Bombers play in Fairborn??

YEA for all those sports tourism dollars coming in….. well, at least if you’re the Holiday Inn on Colonel Glenn.


A sweet 9k plus arena for hockey and perhaps indoor football would be cool…. Even though the NHL is hurting (see Detroit’s attendance last night) minor league hockey has a place in Dayton, and I like the Nutter Center, but it is too far to drive ALL of the time, once in a while is not that bad. The DAYTON BOMBERS SHOULD PLAY IN DAYTON, preferably downtown.


Imagine the sales for this event if Miami were to participate in lieu of Mercyhurst.


Hockey belongs in Dayton, and it needs to be a part of a 365/24/7 downtown experience. The Dayton Dragons are great, but the excitement needs to stay alive the entire year. Let’s also get a professional basketball team in the mix.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Mark, with UD and WSU already playing some serious hoops- it would be hard for anything other than an NBA franchise to draw in the winter. I worked with the Dayton Wings- and they put an amazing team on the floor- but had a hard time drawing.
However, we could, if the Sportsplex idea was mated with a “Sports Authority” work hard at developing youth talent and showcasing it. Right now, Dayton is one of the prime feeders of the WNBA- and when was the last time you went to watch some Dayton girls play roundball?
You’re missing out.



Miami was here for 3 or 4 years. Turnout from their fans was TERRIBLE.



Being an OU grad I can’t say I really expected more from the Salmon Chickens.