How I’m voting on the issues in Ohio.

Issue 1- which is an attempt to make the process of submitting changes to our state law for a vote even longer and more convoluted is a NO vote.

Issue 2- which protects water rights and stops the Great Lakes from becoming a watering hole for the sunbelt gets a YES vote.

Issue 3- which is a clarification of property rights get a YES vote.

Issue 5- which keeps payday lenders from charging crazy interest rates gets a YES vote- the only question is when are we going to regulate banks and credit card companies to prevent usuary too?

Issue 6- to hand the keys a casino to 2 guys in Cleveland – and write their tax law into the Ohio Constitution gets a HELL NO vote. Although, the moment they come up with legal casinos in urban centers, with licenses sold off to the highest bidder, I’ll vote yes in a heartbeat.

Issue 52- Dayton Public Schools levy- gets a HELL YES- because it’s unrealistic to try to educate the poor kids without funding. I expect better schools- but I also expect parents to start taking responsibility.

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