And the penalty for Congressman Turner: Nada

Mike Turner, the lawyer, the Congressman, and the man who should already be up on corruption charges for his wife’s no-bid DDC contract, her work for the Home Depot PAC and work for the Army Corps of Engineers- now, ignores the law once again to go campaigning at – you guessed it: The Clinton County Board of Elections while people are voting.

If our election laws had any teeth- he would be disqualified from the ballot for this behavior, instead, nothing.

Here’s the DDN piece on it:

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner was asked to leave the Clinton County Board of Elections on Monday morning after the county’s election chief saw him behind the counter.

“I probably appeared pretty rude,” said Betsy Hart, director of the Clinton County Board of Elections. “I was just so appalled he was in here. It really caught me off guard.”

Hart said a staffer alerted her to the fact that Turner was in the office at around 10:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 3. She saw him behind the counter, and found out later that a deputy director had asked him to step behind the counter because of the number of people in the office wanting to vote.

“He shouldn’t have been anywhere near the polling place unless he’s here to register or here to vote,” she said.

Matt McDowell, Turner’s campaign manager, said Turner went to the board of elections at the request of one of the board members.

“Clinton County Board of Elections Board Member Roger Bennett asked Congressman Turner to stop by the Clinton County Board of Elections to say hello,” he said. ” At no time did Congressman Turner engage in any form of campaign activity.”

Jeff Ortega, a spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, said Ohio electioneering law prohibits anyone but voters, election workers and law enforcement and election observers from being within 100 feet of a polling place.

Turner, R-Centerville, faces Washington Twp. Democrat Jane Mitakides in today’s vote.

Hart, a Democrat, said Turner told her he came in to congratulate the board on the election. She said he left when asked.

Turner turned away from polling place.

This is the same kind of arrogance that Turner displayed when he was Mayor of Dayton, when he thought our Open Meeting laws didn’t apply to him, nor did the First Amendment apply when anyone questioned his actions.

To all of you with Obama and Turner signs in your yard- you obviously don’t understand how this all works.

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