Historic South Park gets a new mural

When Jim Gagnet wants to get things done, things get done. Those of you who don’t know Jim- know some of his work: he was one of the partners in Midtown Development that made a real difference in the Oregon District about 15 years ago. He brought what is now Pearl, but opened as the Diner on St. Clair to town- and was responsible for turning the old American Saloon into Coco’s 520 Bistro- and the current Coco’s Bistro as well (with his life partner Karen Wick).

As the owner of Pacesetter Painting- he’s also made it a mission to eliminate graffiti on Wayne Avenue of late.

Now, he owns the former Blommel sign on Wayne Avenue at Hickory- just South of US 35- and he’s painting a mural of South Park on our Northern gateway. Big murals are nothing new to Jim- you’ve seen his work on The Neon and the Oregon Railroad overpass.

The new South Park mural in progress

South Park Mural in progress

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