Hazardous material drop off this Saturday and every Saturday

There was a small press release in the DDn today, about hazardous material recycling. It’s a push by the county to let people know this service is available. It’s actually available every Saturday at the South station, and Tuesdays at the North Station 6589 Old Webster St., Vandalia, Ohio

There are a lot of things that people throw out in the regular trash that really doesn’t belong there. Like compact florescent bulbs- CFL’s. They contain mercury, a material you don’t want in your house (see my post about a broken thermometer). I’ve got a small box at home with a bunch of them, as well as old batteries, and there are probably more than a few almost empty paint cans, a dead fire extinguisher and old carbon monoxide detector (it has dangerous materials in it too).

The Montgomery County Solid Waste District, 1001 Encrete Lane, on July 20 is allowing customers to come and dispose of hazardous materials for free. The program times are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The program is for Montgomery county residents. Proof of residency is required.

Accepted materials to dispose include batteries, fire extinguishers, gas/ propane tanks, household cleaners, paints (latex and oil based), photographic chemicals, thinners/ strippers, vehicle fluids, fertilizers, fluorescent lights, heavy metals, mineral spirits, pesticides, pool chemicals, computers and electronics.

Materials that are unacceptable include asbestos, items more than 25 pounds or 15 gallons, radioactive materials, explosives (such as old ammunition or flares), pharmaceuticals and nonresidential waste.

You can find our more here: http://www.mcohio.org/services/swd/household_hazardous_waste_drop_off.html

Old tv’s, computers, electronics are acceptable everyday of the week- for recycling, which is free and run by Goodwill. Read more here: http://www.mcohio.org/services/swd/small_business_electronics_recycling.html

They also take appliances, but only 2x a year. Note, they will drain your freon-containing devices- air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators up to 5 devices a year, for free: http://www.mcohio.org/services/swd/free_appliance.html

The more we recycle, the less we fill our landfills, the better off we are.

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