A warning to Florida

First, you gave us GWB with your lame ballot design and a stupid court decision.
Next, you let Zimmerman walk.

Image created by David Esrati - the 49 United States of America

George W. Bush, George Zimmerman. Is this what America needs to do to find justice?

Is this a better solution?

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John Ise

Carl Hiassen’s take on Floida is as spot on as I’ve ever seen.  For some fun, see his 60 Minutes profile on the state: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=1680212n


Floridians are shaking in their boots bc of this Esrati post. Scared to death. I think Florida is alright. A great melting pot as well. Fact is they have miles of beaches, Mickey Mouse, major universities with sports that matter, NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Loads of golf, fishing and resorts that people want to go to. Food and sunshine, sand and booze, water as far as the eye can see. Loads of other outdoor activity, home to cruise lines, major cities with major industries. People LIKE Florida. Hell, people LOVE IT! It is not going away so keep dreaming you liberal hack. And those of you who love the Browns, Cleveland is the arm pit of America. Let’s get rid of that…. Florida is here to stay.

John Ise
Ice Bandit

…hmmmmm. You are still angry about the Bush election, dear David? Are there any other historical events that raise your ire? The Haymarket Bombing maybe? Or perhaps the shooting of Custis Bullmeyer in downtown Dayton that set off the great Copperhead riots just prior to the Civil War? Quite frankly, dear David, between your two posts on the Zimmerman trial, the Old Bandito hasn’t witnessed so much incoherent anger since the ex-wife went thru menopause. With the air reeking of ire and estrogen, she accused the Old Bandito of high crimes and misdemeanors, including sleeping with the lesbian chick in Accounts Receivable. Then, ten minutes later, she would act like nothing happened. Are you by any chance, dear David, experiencing hot flashes?….

David Lauri

Bandit, is the Custis Bullmeyer who was shot just prior to the Civil War related to John Frederick Bollmeyer, editor of the Dayton Daily Empire, who was shot November 1, 1862?


The fraudulent election of George W. Bush destroyed any chance we had of not giving our children a grotesque debt burden that will haunt this country for decades to come. Bush’s reckless spending on pointless and destructive wars, corporate giveaway-laden prescription drug benefits, and irresponsible tax cuts, as well as his lack of meaningful oversight of the financial sector, leading to the worst economic event since the great depression, have doomed us to massive deficits for decades to come.
If you have children and care about their futures, you should continue to be outraged about the events of November/December 2000 for a long, long time.


Thank you very much for this particular post. It has been very beneficial. At a time when racial tensions are at an all-time high and inflamed by extreme emotionalism, a voice of unity and calm is required. Painting an entire state with a broad brush of bigotry is not exactly what is needed. A wise man knows when to speak up and when to be quiet, how to measure his words. 


@ djw
As if Barry Obama has done any better. Some how I managed to grow my wealth in the last 6 years. Freeloaders who voted for Obama have  kept themselves down. Next time I see you I can explain this to you – but I don’t want to hold up the other people in line at Taco Bell. So perhaps I can catch you on your lunch break.

Ice Bandit

   …David Lauri. Sorry for the belated response. The Old Bandito has been out of town spreading the Gospel of limited government to an ever growing number of disciples. It was JF Bollmeyer, editor of the Dayton Empire, who was killed by the abolitionist Henry Brown on the date you noted. This would, of course, indicate that the killing took place in the earliest days of the Civil War. So thanks for the corrections on both counts. As chronicled by Dr. Carl Becker in his article “Murder Most Foul”, Dayton in the 1860s was the hotbed of Copperhead intrigue and anti-Lincoln activism. The shooting triggered the burning of the Journal Building, a lynch-mob who laid siege to the city jail with an artillery piece, and a gunfight between jailers and rioters. Not to mention martial law, the arrest and trial of Daytonian and Copperhead leader Clement Valladigham, and his subsequent exile to the South. Dr. Becker, Professor of History emeritus at WSU and perhaps the leading authority of Miami Valley history, and the Old Bandito once ventured to Bollmeyer’s final resting place at Woodlawn Cemetery. There, before his weather and time worn headstone, Bollmeyer spoke to us from the beyond, rendering practical and spiritual advice…

David Lauri

Find A Grave has a photo of Bollmeyer’s tombstone at Woodland.