Hazardous material drop off this Saturday and every Saturday

There was a small press release in the DDn today, about hazardous material recycling. It’s a push by the county to let people know this service is available. It’s actually available every Saturday at the South station, and Tuesdays at the North Station 6589 Old Webster St., Vandalia, Ohio There are a lot of things Read More

Time to get rid of your mercury thermometers

Had a scare in the house this morning. Came downstairs to see the natural oak  kitchen floor was mottled black and oak. Looked like someone had tried to tie dye it. Turns out, the 12 year old had broken a thermometer on the floor and “cleaned it up.” It was out on the kitchen counter Read More

DP&L wants to buy you some CFL lightbulbs

$1.83 for 6 Compact Florescent Bulbs at Sams. That’s 31 cents a bulb. Cheaper than an incandescent. Can’t pass it up- of course, now instead of DP&L spewing sulfur and Carbon Dioxide into the air- you become the polluter when you dispose of these little mercury containing bulbs. Let’s just shift the guilt. DP&L makes Read More