Real democracy as practiced in Warren County- compare Mitakides to Esrati podcast

I had the pleasure of going to the Warren County Democratic Party meeting tonight. As different as night and day from the goings on in Montgomery County. No locked room, nothing done in secret, all out in the open- with no personal attacks. All the candidates literature was on display and available.

I stayed to hear all the candidates and to talk to people after. I’ve got to say, Dr. Victoria Wulsin is a treat to watch campaign- even taking her earrings off and auctioning them to give money to the club (they were donkeys). I’m didn’t hear anything particularly different from her than any other politician, but she sure is fun.

We were lucky to get about 10 minutes each- enough to actually say something meaningful. I was in the back of the room when Jane Mitakides spoke- and gave her same old nothing message. She’s counting on the fact that OH-3 went to Strickland and to Sherrod Brown- and so she should beat Turner. She also was almost gleeful about the mess the Turners have gotten themselves noticed for- but failed to say anything substantive. She does manage to reel off her endorsements- always bragging how she was the “unanimously endorsed candidate” of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. But, you don’t have to take my word on any of this- I’ve got a recording- the first 10 minutes may be hard to listen to- since I was in the back- but my 10 should be clear as a bell. Charles Sanders had his wife speak for him. She’s charming- but, it’s not really fair to judge Charles by what his wife said, so he’s not on the recording.

I got a chance to follow Jane- and as usual, when given a fair chance, gave people a message that sounds distinctively different. I’m no Barack Obama, and it’s all ad lib- but, it will give you a chance to compare- since Jane won’t debate.

One other thing- every time Jane sees the Clinton campaign staffer- she goes to cozy-up. When asked who she supports, the answer is always “The Democrat”-  the literature she left at Montgomery County Democratic HQ (leftovers from 2004) has John Edwards and General Wesley Clark quotes on it. Can’t she say anything meaningful on her own? (I’ll post scans of it in a few days- very busy now).

You can either listen by pressing play- or download it to your MP-3 player and listen. If anyone wants to take a stab at transcribing it- I’d love to have the text online for search.

I think anyone listening will understand why I believe Jane Mitakides doesn’t stand a chance against Mike Turner.

Listen- and weigh in.

Thanks to the Warren County Dems for reminding me what a Democratc Party is supposed to be.


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