Grassroots Daily show v.8: oil and opium edition.

Week 2 of the Grassroots Dayton Daily Show featuring Greg Hunter and David Esrati (both who’ve run for Congress). In this rapid-fire edition we talk about layoffs at Montgomery County, Congressman Turner’s new digs, Tiger Woods (why not, everyone else is), the surge in Afghanistan and why we fight- hence oil and opium.

We’re loving the feedback. Hope these are keeping you entertained and engaged.

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Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

It was good after about 4:30 when you guys got it together. Stick to one subject. It seems rambly if you don’t.


David doesn’t agree with my Thanksgiving day comment?  Reply back.  Let’s discuss the loophole or whatever it is you disagree with.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Well America still does not get it as we are in Vietnam again!  Change you cannot believe in.  Mr. Dewine approved 24 million dollars to the Taliban in April 2001 because they supposedly destroyed the Poppy Crop.  Sen. DeWine financed 911 and America’s drug policy continues to frustrate our war in Afghanistan.  Please try to Read and Be Informed.

The province served as both a fighters’ haven and the center of Afghanistan’s poppy production, providing rich revenue streams for the war against the central government and the Western forces that protect it.
The sweep was not entirely fruitless. In several houses, Afghan soldiers found sacks of poppy seeds, which they carried outside, slashed open with knives and set on fire. In a few houses, they found processed opium and heroin. But the Taliban’s fighters had proved elusive again.


Well America still does not get it as we are in Vietnam again!

Contrast this with this from the article you linked to:

The Bravo Company commander, Capt. Thomas J. Grace, had ordered patrols not to become decisively engaged with the Taliban’s fighters in this no man’s land. The company is the forward line of Marine presence, and has limited manpower to consolidate on new ground after a fight.
“There is absolutely no reason to go out there and kick in doors and get in a big fight,” he said. “Because you can’t hold it.”

This war isn’t the last war and the next war won’t be this.
A funny tidbet, also from the linked article:

If the patrol continued over the bluff and into the open, it would be enveloped by fire from three sides.

If that were true, then the Taliban would be shooting into its own ranks from two of the sides.  That’s why most people prefer the L-shaped ambush rather than the C-shaped one.  I doubt they are that stupid though, so it’s probably just the reporter’s mistake.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Columbia, Afghanistan – we try the same thing over and over without result.  America cannot afford it.  Former Senator Dewine was a big proponent of this type of aid.

A report by the group, Human Rights Watch, detailed the activities of the paramilitary successor groups, which feed off Colombia’s cocaine trade. The drug trade remains lucrative despite Washington’s channeling of more than $5 billion of security and antinarcotics aid to Colombia, making it a top recipient of United States aid outside the Middle East.

Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Poppies, Poppies.  The Military Stands up again and tells the empire it cannot afford to fight the drug war anymore….

“I spent lots of money on my field and so did my neighbors. If the government officials destroy the fields, nearly all the people will rise against them.” That’s why, according to highly placed Afghan officials, U.S. commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal opposes wiping out this particular poppy harvest.

The data is speaking, are you listening?