Even with editing, our Mayor the trainwreck.

The Drum Major Institute of Public Policy out of NYC has started MayorTV where they post video inteviews of American Mayors.

They interviewed Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin in Miami, Florida at the Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors a few months ago- even with kind editing- you can understand why the citizens of “greater Dayton” don’t have a lot of faith in our Mayor. Watch and weep as you hear a whine about the problems- with no hope in sight. No answers, no questioning how we got here- just- poor us.

On the foreclosure crisis- she’s talking about people losing their pets- instead of outrage against a banking industry that’s being bailed out by the Fed after years of unregulated profiteering.

On the subject of “young people” she talks about the city working to entice them back. Let’s see- the Rob Drydek skate park is in Kettering, after the city of Dayton refused to build one. Motorcyclists who used to come to the Oregon District got chased off with the “one vehicle per spot” parking idiocy. The city of Dayton can’t even build a public dog park downtown for urban dwellers.

I like Rhine as a person, however, her public persona screams clueless.

Compare her interview with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean (Nashville has UniGov):

Your thoughts?

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