The takedown of Jack Brooks.

In today’s Dayton Daily News, the other side of Dayton Police Officer Jack Brooks has finally started to be told. After the shooting, the focus was on how he was about to be fired- yet, Chief Biehl still let him out on patrol solo.

No cop wants to shoot someone, especially, on his last days on the job. I’ve received a few e-mails from readers saying that he’s also gotten a few commendations in his short DPD career- but, those remain in the job jacket for now. Today we learned he is a family man, who played basketball at Wayne:

The image Huber Heights resident Kelley Britt carries of rookie Dayton police Officer Jack Brooks is that of a dedicated husband, loving father of twins and drummer in the Prase Band at the YMCA Campus of Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church.

Supporter of Brooks: ‘I just hope some good comes of this’.

But, as I walked into the locker room at the Downtown YMCA this morning, there was a flyer posted asking for money to help bury Ricky Moore- who was “murdered” by a Dayton cop.

No judge has ruled on this, no jury has been called- however the court of public opinion is already ready to hang Jack Brooks- when in fact these questions should be asked:

  • If he was unfit for the department and about to be fired- why was he on patrol, solo?
  • Why does Dayton continue to run its own police academy, when every other jurisdiction allows officers to be trained by the State?

I’ve asked before about the academy, and its elitist  attitude and cost to the tax payers. Now, I’m questioning our chief and his Majors who saw a problem, started the process, but couldn’t pull the proverbial trigger.

And, would Ricky Moore be dead if there were two police officers in every patrol car? Is the city to blame for under-staffing? Would Ricky Moore be dead if Twin Valley was still open?

In comparing the life history’s of Jack Brooks and Ricky Moore- one can only see two very different paths. Moore’s path through prison and psychiatric care, Brooks- a student athlete who ended up in uniform. It’s unfortunate that Moore is now dead, but, before we kill off Brooks as the sacrificial lamb, maybe we need to look at the bigger picture.

We’ve failed both of these men. And Jack Brooks shouldn’t be the only one we’re pointing fingers at.

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Someone who cares
Someone who cares

The reporter from DDN who wanted the “other side” of Jack Brooks did as she said she would, yet, I notice it was very limited to a few comments.
Hearing Officer Brooks referred to as a murderer is an insult, not only to him and his family, but to all police officers or military persons who defend our lives and our country.
The people who make these comments have obviously never been put in a situation where they thought their lives were in danger and only have a moment to decide whether or not how to react.
Like Dr. Paul, who made such kind comments about Jack Brooks, I too, spent months taking care of Officer Mary Beall. She made the choice to give someone the chance to do the right thing and eventually paid with her life. Her death was directly related to the injuries she received by being shot by the person she tried to give a chance.
And we wonder why police officers react the way they do? They are on the streets to protect us- not to die.

A Friend

I’ve known Jack since he was 5. I know his family and the way he was raised. He was a good kid and now that he’s an adult he’s a good man. He was raised with good values and morals. He grew up and became a police officer and with this very unfortunate circumstance people are ready to throw him under the bus. What about the man who, when stopped by a police officer, decided to attack instead of comply? That shows the character of a man who has no respect for authority. A man who has no respect for authority has no respect for anyone. No one would be safe around Ricky Moore. Why aren’t people outraged at someone attacking a police officer? I also wonder who would want to be a police officer if this is the support they get when there is trouble? We need to support not just Officer Jack Brooks but ALL police officers. They have a dangerous job that, frankly, very few people would be able to do. Like the writer of this article, I wonder why DPD put a rookie officer on patrol by himself in that neighborhood if they thought there was a problem with him? God bless the men and women who protect us!

Darell Turner
Darell Turner

What does him not being perfect as a rookie cop have to do with Officer Brooks protecting people and property in the correct manner. If the media or whom ever want to “throw Officer Brooks under the bus” then why does the criminal get a pass? I know Officer Brooks to be a conscienscious person that must feel terrible right now. So he made some procedural mistakes being a rookie. That is what they call rookie mistakes. They are unrelated to the actions that have him in the news paper. I know he would be a good cop, but he is young and prone to silly mistakes at first. So we should fry the guy because he had to make a tough decision? No. To the family of Ricky Moore, realize that he chose his path. To the Dayton p.d. Shame on you for not having the back of a good cop, even if he violated uniform policy and/or ammunition policy. Seriously would anyone care about these things if he hadn’t been involved in the shooting? Why put all of Jack’s rookie mistakes in the paper, that makes it seem as thought there is some kind of personal gripe against him. To the Dayton Daily News, if you are going to “report” Officer Brooks’ unrelated bad acts why not report the good ones as well. Could this be to slant the real picture of a PROUD officer that probably did his job great 95% in his first year?

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

I find it interesting that Chief Biehl would publicly state that none of Officer Brooks’s infractions would be enough to fire, or even severely punish, any policeman/woman…and now he’s been fired.

Officer Brooks has, unfortunately, been hung out to dry by the DPD in an effort to “look good” to the area NAACP and community.

The message? “Assaulting a police officer is against the law and can cost you your life. But don’t worry, we’ll fire that officer to make up for it and keep you happy.”

What a sham. Good job, Dayton. You’ve successfully turned a blind eye to the true criminals in the community and villified those who serve and protect you. Next time you’re in trouble, don’t call the police. You don’t deserve the help. We’ll continue to be one of the most dangerous cities in America, thanks to you.

David Esrati
David Esrati
Brooks fired.
Can we say lawsuit ammunition for Moores family?
Can we say wrongful termination from Brooks? And maybe even defamation?
More over the next few years…

Joni Reser

Where has this society gone? Our men and women who are on the streets supporting and protecting us, our expected to always use their training, gut instinct, and do the best they can in any situation possible. I have worked around the Dayton Police Officers for at least 20 years. In any profession, there are those who just basically get by. Do a little, Do nothing…don’t really care. For the majority of the Police Officer’s this is not the case! They are risking their lives. Every time they don their uniforms, Go to work, patrol in their cars, ride their motorcycle or horse patrol. They are in the public eye. Good or Bad! They are there before us. No protection, when you think about it. They go in and out of houses, respond on calls, jeopardize their lives, their families, and their future! I have personally taken care of several officers over the past 20 years who have been injured, shot and killed! Come on, wake up…they do not just decide to one day openly kill someone because they just decide to. They have feelings and emotions, it is a decision that is live or die. Shoot or be killed. Unfortunately, the gentleman died. Was he innocent? Why did he hit Jack, and fight him to the ground? Why did he grab at his weapon and have his taser in his hand? Is it right for the department to “leave Jack behind” because the NAACP stepped in and became involved? Is it because of the last 4 shootings involving officers, that now let’s have Jack take a fall for the city of Dayton? Or do you think it could be because we need to ensure these new police officers have better training officers?
Whatever, you may think, Jack did not shoot to kill the man because he wanted to. He will have to live with this the rest of his life. It will affect his relationships, his family, and his twins. God Bless you Jack…we are praying for you and hoping that all will turn out well!

David Esrati
David Esrati

Complete agreement. However, no more horse patrol in Dayton.


I have known Jack Brooks and his family for a very long time and he was an arrogant boy that has turned into an arrogant man. He was always trying to be something he was not and that is what has gotten him where he is today. However, I don’t believe that Jack Brooks is vicious or mean. He did not kill Mr Ricky Moore out of maliciousness; he killed him out of fear for his life. Ricky Moore is not innocent but he had a get-out-of-jail card being that he was deternmined to be mentally ill. Ricky Moore did not wear a sign that stated he was mentally ill so the State failed Mr Moore and the Dayton Police Department failed Mr Brooks.


Did Officer Brooks really stop Mr Moore because he fit the description of a robber? That is the question that remains to be seen. So many times when people are stopped for no reason; the uniformed will say “you fit the description of….”. Even though Ricky Moore had a long history of crimes, it was not mentioned if he, in fact, was the robber. I suspect he wasn’t and was just stopped because there was nothing else to do.

Got it

Moore got what he deserved. dont attack the law, because it will kill you and get away with it. Bitch


No one deserved to be shot in killed. Come on now. He wes walking home. What did Rickey Moore do to be gone out of family life? There was other ways to handle it. Do anybody read the newspaper? The story changed so many time for Jack Brooks. I think Jack brooks knew he was getting fired. I think he thought that would save his job. They did not let the family see Rickey Moore’s body untill the day the body was taken to the funeral home. Ask yourself why that is. Why did the story lie about how many times Rickey Moore got shot. I call that a cover up story. Rest In Peace Rickey L. Moore
Love your Baby Sis

Joni Reser

No, he did not deserve to die! No, Jack did not intentionally set out to kill him. A police officer does not just decide to drive down the street and suddenly say “wow, who can I shoot today!” They have feelings, emotions, and family also. When they shoot someone, they live with this the rest of their lives also. It changes them as well as their families lives. It is not something they can just look away from. Anytime someone starts a new job, they have issues or items they need to improve. If Jack knew he was going to be fired, then he would not have been able to be on the road, by himself on duty, now would he? It is his superior officers in command who would not have allowed this to happen. Unfortunate for Jack, he is being put on public display. He is being made a martyr with all of the recent shootings from police officers last year. I feel for both families….for their loss….yes, both families have suffered. To have such a hatred, a strong opinion towards Jack…wow, I wasn’t there, it wasn’t my life on the line…Can you say how you would have handled the same situation? No, it is not possible. I still say “my thoughts are with both families…who are both victims…sorry for your loss!”
As far as the men and women in blue, who wake up daily and patrol the streets to keep us safe and sound….Kudos, God be with you!

Rickey's Sister
Rickey's Sister

To got it ,how dare u say he got what he deserve….really how low could u really get… the newsaper they didnt say how my brother changed his life around….they said that he was staying with my mother ..but he was really stayed with me I had ask my brother to go over my mother’s lbecause my wedding was coming in 2 weeks before he left us. And I can tell everyone that he was a changed black man that did not deserve to die….he made everyone around him laugh… I’m not the one to point a finger ….so u tell me why the city of Dayton was going to help us if we cremated my brother the next day…..really so we turn them down in found out he got shot more time then they told us… can someone say fishy ….the thing I was mad about was that brooks has yet to apologize to my family for taking my brother from us……R.I.P RICKEY love you&miss you :(



Cameron Brooks Daughter Of Jack Brooks
Cameron Brooks Daughter Of Jack Brooks
Hello. I am Cameron Mackenzie Brooks. I am Jack Brooks daughter and I seriously just feel like breaking down in tears over what people are saying about my dad. I would like to tell everyone that my dad is stronger than you all. He has actually held a gun and killed someone. But yet, here he is, laughing, being the wonderful father he is. Now you would think that he would never want to talk about this situation again, and that he would never want to touch a gun ever again. But no, he is much braver than all of you. He is strong. He is literally the most wonderful father anybody could ask for. Now don’t get me wrong, he didn’t just forget about this entire thing. He still has nightmares. His eyes were watering when he was telling me and my sister about this. Mr. Moore has been haunting my dad since this incident. But he still stays strong. My dad did not shoot Mr. Ricky Moore because he was black. Heck, Ricky Moore and my dad even shared a laugh together. I know for a fact that my dad shot Ricky Moore out of fear for his life. None of you, and I mean NONE of you, know what happened that night except for my dad and my family. So why do you point fingers? Why are you people making assumptions? It really brakes my 13 year old heart. I don’t know Ricky Moore. You don’t know Ricky Moore. Whether Ricky Moore robbed a building or not, he still stole my father’s taser (which I think Ricky mistaked as my dad’s handgun) and was attempting to pull the trigger. Now ask yourselves, “What would I have done in that situation?” I bet all of you would’ve done the EXACT same thing my father did. But I want you to know, my father is doing just fine now. In 2009, my mom gave birth to my little brother Caleb. He is 8 years old now. Jack Brooks (my dad) is now working as a construction worker. My mom… Read more »