The takedown of Jack Brooks.

In today’s Dayton Daily News, the other side of Dayton Police Officer Jack Brooks has finally started to be told. After the shooting, the focus was on how he was about to be fired- yet, Chief Biehl still let him out on patrol solo.

No cop wants to shoot someone, especially, on his last days on the job. I’ve received a few e-mails from readers saying that he’s also gotten a few commendations in his short DPD career- but, those remain in the job jacket for now. Today we learned he is a family man, who played basketball at Wayne:

The image Huber Heights resident Kelley Britt carries of rookie Dayton police Officer Jack Brooks is that of a dedicated husband, loving father of twins and drummer in the Prase Band at the YMCA Campus of Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church.

Supporter of Brooks: ‘I just hope some good comes of this’.

But, as I walked into the locker room at the Downtown YMCA this morning, there was a flyer posted asking for money to help bury Ricky Moore- who was “murdered” by a Dayton cop.

No judge has ruled on this, no jury has been called- however the court of public opinion is already ready to hang Jack Brooks- when in fact these questions should be asked:

  • If he was unfit for the department and about to be fired- why was he on patrol, solo?
  • Why does Dayton continue to run its own police academy, when every other jurisdiction allows officers to be trained by the State?

I’ve asked before about the academy, and its elitist  attitude and cost to the tax payers. Now, I’m questioning our chief and his Majors who saw a problem, started the process, but couldn’t pull the proverbial trigger.

And, would Ricky Moore be dead if there were two police officers in every patrol car? Is the city to blame for under-staffing? Would Ricky Moore be dead if Twin Valley was still open?

In comparing the life history’s of Jack Brooks and Ricky Moore- one can only see two very different paths. Moore’s path through prison and psychiatric care, Brooks- a student athlete who ended up in uniform. It’s unfortunate that Moore is now dead, but, before we kill off Brooks as the sacrificial lamb, maybe we need to look at the bigger picture.

We’ve failed both of these men. And Jack Brooks shouldn’t be the only one we’re pointing fingers at.

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