Esrati’s signs look just like trash cans

Sticking signs on every street corner, regardless of who owns the property or if you have their permission is par for the course in political season. I call it littering.

So today, I put trash cans out on key corners where the signs sprout.

Here are some photos:

But would someone explain the following? Last week I got called down to Dayton Public Schools HQ to get a dressing down from their head lawyer about posting campaign material- a 3×5″ sticker- on the poles where I had installed basketball nets.

Yet, today- I saw this:

If you can spare time tomorrow, Sunday- or on election day Tuesday- please let me know.

Meeting for election day volunteers on Monday at 6pm at Top of the Market at the corner of E. Third St and Webster St. You don’t have to work all day- but a few hours helps.

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