Esrati wants you to die, violently and other fan fiction

Polarizing. It’s a word people like to throw around when talking about me. I’m used to it. I understand that some people love me and others hate me, and a lot have opinions about me, fact or fiction. There is a Facebook page very similar to the “Fuck You Mark Zuckerberg” about me- yes, that page has 3,224 likes. I’m not anywhere near there- but feel free to go there and like it. As PT Barnum was attributed to say, ‘I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.’

Someone even took the time to take my black and white photo of me holding my head for my campaign piece- to photoshop it so it looks like I’m on a toilet. Yes, I do go to the bathroom just like everyone else, but, no- I don’t take photos of myself there.

I love a quote from former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, and even printed it on the back of some of my campaign materials once, “If you agree with me on 9 out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.”

Which brings me to a few other things you can use as an excuse not to vote for me.

Yes, I yelled “F U” to a pastor in a full church on the West side. I posted the video here for all to see. I’m not proud of it- but if you want to play politics in church, be prepared to be shouted down when you interrupt me 3 times in :30 seconds and cut my mic off. There aren’t too many white men that get away with doing that btw. I still believe those meetings against the “One Dayton” regionalization initiative were the efforts of the very same people who love our current Monarchy in Montgomery County- and are part of the “culture of corruption.”

I also was arrested in City Hall for wearing a Ninja mask- while protesting illegal work sessions held by the commission, where they discussed ways to eliminate citizens from participating in their own government. You can read more about The Mask- and why I should be your Ninja. BTW- I won that case after 2.5 years and the settlement was $100,000 (most of which went to lawyers.)

And, yes, I got kicked out of the library, and called the guard a “F’ing Nazi” after he violated my 1st Amendment rights. Don’t tell me about Ohio Revised Code and my rights to document your breaking the law. So far, I’m up one on the library. Round 2 is in progress.

But the latest Esrati outrage comes on FB from a screenshot out of context. According to one of the miscreants who doesn’t have a hobby- or a life, “Elect Esrati is a coward who doesn’t want his followers seeing screenshots of him wishing violent death on the very people he wants to represent in government. Go to his page and post this on every post.”

I’m including the “evidence” that he and his mindless friends thinks is indicative of some kind of sociopathic politician who wants his constituents dead.

It came out of a post following the Oregon District Massacre. Note, I don’t call it a “tragedy” and sugar coat it. These mass shootings are becoming way too much the norm, instead of the exception. The only thing tragic about it is that people forget the part of the 2nd Amendment that says you need to be a part of a “well regulated militia” – and that we already have restrictions on some arms- and are too chickenshit to do something about the AR 15 epidemic (and yes, I know there are LOTS of other similar weapons, like an AK etc.).

My point was there are a lot of people that die in Dayton, by gunfire, and that they don’t get a block party, a victims fund, a memorial. At the Neighborhoods over Politics “Rock da Vote” event on Saturday- they started out by asking for a moment of silence for a whole list of people who didn’t die at the hands of the dickwad from Bellbrook. On Facebook I brought up the 10 year old unsolved murder of Sgt. Major North Woodall, in his home. A decorated hero of 3 wars, his life was cut short by shooting- and there was none of the outpouring of support for his family, or an outcry over the lack of solving his murder. And one or two of the people on Facebook responded with the “Ha Ha” face. And yes- I called him an “asswipe.” That’s my Army training kicking in.

I nearly lost it. It’s not funny.

The screenshot from Facebook the losers want you to see.

So I suggested that I hope they get lucky, if they do get shot in Dayton, that they luck out and get shot by someone who shoots a bunch of people- so their kids, their parents, their siblings can fight over how the memorial fund gets divvied up between those who died, those who were wounded and spent more than 10 days in the hospital, less than 4 days, or only had to be treated and released, because, well, you know- somehow getting shot with others is an outrage, but being shot in your own home- isn’t.

But, I bear no malice to these trolling miscreants. They are free to vote for whomever they please- even if it is the people who’ve cut back on police in our city, and allowed our citizens to risk life and limb by being in jail– where even though you may be innocent until proven guilty- you could get a death sentence at the hands of the jailers- and your family can win another lottery- the lawsuit against the Sheriff lottery.

The reality is, there are four candidates for two seats. There isn’t any other candidate who has a blog, has uncovered corruption, posted videos of candidates nights, and responded the way I do on any social media. The kind of heckling, bullying and BS online is absolutely abhorrent. And some of it- whether done by Russian trolls or local ones can sway an election.

So now you’ve heard it straight from the horses mouth. Yes, I said it. Could I have said it better? Sure. Is it the ONE thing you should judge me on? Only if you are a moron.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and I almost forgot- I’m a racist too.


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