“Esrati is a racist” and 1001 other reasons not to vote for me

According to a few vocal Facebook provocateurs, I’m now a racist. Of course I am. I’ve always said I was. You can quote me on this, “I’m a racist. I hate stupid people. But, I hate them all equally.” The funny thing is they come in all body types, skin colors, religious persuasions. Stupidity is curable- it just requires education. And remember, this is the country that elected a reality tv host to the presidency. So, let’s get down to their proof of why I’m a racist.

Wednesday June 12 I had a dilemma, stay home and watch the St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup for the first time, or see Dave Chappelle at the Schuster. Since I made a big donation to WYSO for floor tickets- and I could Tivo the cup- I went to see my “friend” Dave. Now, the reason I call him a friend is because I sat at a mutual friends house one night and almost had Chappelle ready to run against Mike Turner to be the Congressman from Ohio 10. That mutual friend: Brian Higgins (more on that later).

I didn’t enjoy Dave’s show as much as I’d hoped. He did what he does- provocatively push boundaries. He talked about child molesters, the me-too movement, abortion, and censorship on TV. He ended the show telling everyone if they run into him in the grocery store- the show didn’t constitute the values of WYSO- or even his own.

I get home- and watch the end of the Blues blowout of the Bruins and get to see the hoisting of the cup. NBC didn’t have a delay on- and the cameras full on caught multiple players screaming FUCK YEAH or FUCKING A or any number of combinations of the F word.

I’ve always had a problem with the FCC rules about censorship on broadcast television. We think it’s ok to show people getting shot in shows every ten minutes- (blood and actual damage must not be too real btw) but we can’t show a female nipple or the world will end. George Carlin became famous for the 7 words you can’t say on television.

Dave Chappelle talked about it just a few hours before. I posted the following on FB.

This has been picked up on FB by a few miscreants to now say that I’m a racist, that I use the “N” word. For the record, I’m the asshole honky who tells kids on the basketball court that the use of that word is inappropriate. I gave up trying to question it at the barbershop I’ve been going to for the last half-dozen years- Fresh 2 Def on W. Third. I get the lecture about the use of the word “Nigga” vs “Nigger” – as if that matters. I just remember watching moms in Rocky River spit on black hockey players through the fence (they were too cheap to have glass on the boards) and call them the N word when I was in high school.

Now, I’m also lucky enough to have a fan club on Facebook who have a page “Fuck You David Esrati” that started back around 2016. The main contributors are the two library guards who decided to throw me out of the library for taking pictures. One lost his job over it. The FU page has often gone after me for being friends with Higgins. Many of the people who used to work at his now defunct restaurant, Sidebar, still vilify me for a post on this site as he was closing down. Somehow, this page is not deemed “harassment” by facebook- and despite me being a candidate for public office, who has to sign in blood to have a political page, no one is forced to identify themselves as the actual owner of the page (hint- this is how the Russians influence elections in our country). But, it’s free speech- and besides- there’s a FU Mark Zuckerberg page – so I must be doing something right.

Now, to the people who think I’m the racist and unfit for public office, I’m the one who asked the DOJ attorney if he only prosecuted black males – when he hoisted up Joey Williams, Clayton Luckie and Roshawn Winburn on “public corruption charges” back in April. Yes, they also indicted Brian Higgins, my friend- but, on what is normally a civil matter. Does that sound like a question a racist asks in front of every news organization in town- and directly to the DOJ and FBI officials who claim Dayton has a “culture of corruption” – yet they only trot out black men.

Also in this thread on Facebook, one of the accusers, Tyrone Martin, (who identifies himself as Tyrone X and a member of the Nation of Islam) wants to know if I’m a Jew and support “Isreal” – and accuses me of having “two masters.” Last I heard that accusation tossed around in politics – it was questioning if JFK, a Catholic, would serve the pope or the US.

Here’s some prime back and forths:

Tyrone Martin David Esrati how do we know you will represent us and not be the same as everyone else and whose interest are you going to cater to when you have connections with other governments. Will you put America and Black people interest above those of the ADL and the Zionist”

David Esrati Tyrone Martin Leave the “ADL and the Zionest” out of it. I think I’ve put America and Dayton first. I’m a veteran. I’ve been fighting the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” for the last 25 years. I’ve hung basketball nets for kids. I’ve been a big brother. I’m a decent guy- who won’t smile at you and lie to your face. And- I know what the problems are in the neighborhoods- and have actually helped a neighborhood out of poverty. You want to vote for the party people- you’ll get more of what you’ve had for the last 30 years.

Tyrone Martin David Esrati Im sorry Sir but I will not leave them out of it because they have alot to do with politics in the United States. Do you Support Isreal?

David Esrati Tyrone Martin They have nothing to do with the city of Dayton…

Tyrone Martin David Esrati a Man cannot serve 2 masters

David Esrati Has nothing to do with Dayton – or Dayton politics. I do believe Israel is a country and has a right to exist. If you don’t- leave the US and hand it over to the Indians who we stole it from. As to your “2 masters” bullshit- they said the same thing about John F. Kennedy and the Pope.

Tyrone Martin David Esrati I believe they have the right to exist also. I just want to know where your loyalty lies. I believe you have a farther reaching goal than the Commission Seat a d I must tell you that your words has not been encouraging to me to believe that you stand for us. I read some of your blogs and also saw some of speeches. From a quick study of you I can tell that you are trying to play a strategic game . No no no no no no no no

David Esrati Tyrone Martin That’s a pretty long strategic game considering I first ran in 1993….

 Tyrone, won’t let go- and thinks I’m a racist. A few others follow along in this post:

Look, if you want to talk about me being disrespectful to black folk, all you have to do is go look at my Youtube channel or this site to find where I told a black preacher in his own house of worship “Fuck you” as he interrupted me 3x in :30 seconds and then shut the mic off; Disrespect breeds disrespect.

Let’s be clear, I don’t mince words and I don’t hide. I also respond. 24 hours after the “West Dayton Democratic Club” posted these loaded questions on FB- I’m the only candidate who has responded:

Here are the full list of questions:

Commissioner Chris Shaw Why did you vote to split the money from the Waste Management Settlement with Northwest Dayton when the Southwest is impacted the most by the plant? Northwest is most impacted by the God Sam closing, but Premier Health should be held responsible for that. There is no room to divert resources from Southwest or Innerwest.

Matt Joseph: You have been essentially a one issue commissioner, do you have any plans to expand your platform? While Immigrant integration is a worthy cause, native Daytonians have been suffering from economic and social deterioration for decades. The biggest companies in Dayton do not pay any taxes as they claim to be non-profit. Tax breaks and abatements are consistently given to major developers, robbing resources from the Daytonians that need it it the most. What is your plan to improve the Dayton economy?

Shenise Turner-Sloss for Dayton City Commission: Kids are getting shot and dying on the Westside. What is your plan to address gun violence? You’ve standed strong with advocates for the prairie, but alot of Daytonians have much bigger concerns.

David Esrati: You have repeatedly dodged questions about you plans for the Westside. You get credit for the benevolent act of hanging basketball nets, but it’s asinine to believe that earns you votes from Westside residents. What will you do differently than the incumbent candidates that will substantially benefit the Southwest, Innerwest and Northwest side of Dayton?

Commissioners and candidates please respond. Residents please feel free to comment like and share to keep family and friends informed.

Of course, I’m the only one with websites, a youtube channel- and plenty of posts on what to do. Apparently, hanging free basketball nets for 5 years is asinine- I should have put up more yard signs.

Now, the biggest shocker of all. This “racist” is working just as hard to elect Shenise Turner Sloss as he is working to get himself elected. We’re not running as a “team” because we both saw that it didn’t work with her and Darryl- and because, frankly- Shenise is much too nice to suffer the kinds of crap that’s thrown my way. To be honest- Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph are also incredibly nice people- I just don’t think either of them is serving the people by being yes men to Nan and her “culture of corruption.”

The reality is- it takes three votes on the Dayton City Commission, and if you elect Shenise without me- it’s still a 3-2 majority of the “Monarchy of Montgomery County” and the voters/residents/taxpayers will still be screwed by people who think it’s ok to ignore 50 people who come to the podium week after week about a dirty deal they did behind closed doors.

So when you see a Shenise “For the People” T-shirt on me, know that I, the “racist” support her and printed the shirt. When you see a sign for her in my front yard, I support her- and printed the sign. When you go to her website: www.shenisefordayton.com know that I host and built it. And when you see her amazing video that’s coming soon- yep- same…

Using the “N-word” is disrespectful- and I don’t do it. Never have. Never will. But, if you want a reason not to vote for me, make it a good one. Because your other choices will smile at you while bending you over and screwing you where the sun doesn’t shine- and have for as long as I’ve lived in Dayton.

Need to see it? Go look at the area in front of Chris Shaw’s business on Germantown. Then go look at my street where my house and office are. You choose which person you think can give West Dayton a chance- and know, that when I moved onto Bonner in 1986- this street was just as ugly as his street.

The election is November 5, 2019. There are four candidates, you have two votes for two seats. The future of Dayton is in your hands.

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