Esrati needs your help to win a fight fairly

A few readers have sent me messages asking why not as many posts of late? Did the Monarchy of Montgomery County stop being evil? Did your tax dollars all of a sudden just get diverted to providing actual needed governmental service? Did our political leaders all just wake up and realize that it’s not about politics- but community service? Hardly.

It’s called my-domestic-partner-is-in-Philly-on-business and I’m a single parent. Kudos to all single parents- it’s a huge responsibility and a lot of work. So far- no food poisoning thanks to my cooking, or injuries due to neglect.

I’ve also been collecting signatures for my City Commission run this year. Matt Joseph and Dean Lovelace are up for re-election and I believe you should have a choice in a primary- that means more than four candidates which will force a primary. Of course, I believe that the primary doesn’t serve the citizens- actually reducing choice- if we moved to Instant Run-off Voting– we could save an election, cut the campaign time- and give independents a better shot in this supposedly “non-partisan” election. It’s non-partisan in that party names don’t appear on the ballot- not that it matters.

I got a letter from the Montgomery County Democratic Party– of which I am a member- announcing that “This year. we ask your support once again as we work to keep Matt Joseph and Dean Lovelace on the Dayton City Commission” by buying tickets to their “Frolic for Funds.”

Note- the petitions aren’t due yet, the candidates haven’t filed- yet the party has already picked candidates.

How “Democratic” is that? In fact- is part of the cost of this mailing being borne by the candidates?

Shouldn’t it read “This year. we ask your support once again as we work to keep Democrats on the Dayton City Commission”

I have to collect 500+ signatures of registered Dayton voters by 4 March 2011 and turn in notarized petitions. If you’d like to help- please contact me at david (at) elect esrati dot com and I’ll get a voter list for your neighborhood- and a petition to you. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

I ask that each person get at least 40 verified signatures (one petition). For all the time I’ve spent supplying you with news and info for discussion on this site- this is one of the few times I’ve asked for something in return. Please consider helping me give voters a choice this May in a primary.

Thank you.

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Will Brooks
Will Brooks

I dunno. I volunteered sometime ago to help out and was blown off. Oh well, living in Cincy now anyways. Best of luck?


I think Matt Joseph should stay–but Lovelace needs to go–he’s paid his dues for many years and is mainly the spokesperson for the Black community!
He and Nan have done some good work for sure; but, I’m so tired of Nan’s and Dean’s personas on the City Commission Meetings … Nan quite often loses her place in the meetings and is late speaking in the litigations!
Dean has had a stroke–let him retire from the City and keep his UD job???
But unfortunately David–you have a stigma with the City Commission as the The Man in the Mask!
Hey all, have you seen Mike Turner’s new look?  He’s got a beard now, LOL, and I don’t think it’s becoming of him at all!
Maybe David you could run for a State Congressman first, then on to Washington to fight for Turner’s seat, LOL!
I’m not trying to degrade anyone, really, just my opinions … ;-)
PS. I think Miss Lavendar is doing a great job!


“PS. I think Miss Lavendar is doing a great job!”  -Gary

I hate to actually admit that I was watching a City Commission meeting on TV the other day… but, I was…

And although I won’t disagree that Miss Lavendar is doing fine overall, I can’t help but notice she is unable to properly use the word “ask”.

Maybe it’s petty, but nothing turns me off in a conversation like someone saying “axe” instead of “ask”.  An axe is something used to chop wood.  Ask is when you pose a question about something.  Pretty simple stuff within the English language… right??

It makes it way too easy to draw conclusions about someone that maybe aren’t really the case.

To be completely honest, as a resident of this City I’m embarrassed that someone that’s paid to speak at our formal, public meetings would be so sloppy and unprofessional.

Being capable of properly speaking the word “ask” doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable requirement.

Or, is that too much to axe?


Are you aware of the other candidates running for Dayton City Commissioner?


Again, Dean needs to go, he is so dried up and seems to have been a Commissioner forever!  I have nothing personal against him; but we need a new, younger Commissioner who will create and generate jobs in Dayton!
I would run if I thought I had any chance, but for one, I’m not a kisser to the Mayor; I’m radical and I’m White!
It would not bother me in the least if we could replace Dean with an attractive young Black woman who is intelligent like Valerie Lemme was!
We need someone with an MBA who can get things done like Herman Cain did in his career; we don’t need someone who just sits there and makes a mockery of a man who wanted to open a convenient store on Smithville and Airway!


I called the Board of Elections and gathered all the names who are running for Dayton City Commissioner.

According to the 2011 Pickup List. here are the possible future candidates (* are the ones who filed).
Christopher Newton Connder*
Jeffrey M. Dalton
Larry E. Ealy
David Esrati*
Robert D. Jones
Matthew F. Joseph
Daniel Kennedy
Timothy C. O’Bryant
William J. Pace *
Willie Walker
Tojuan Williams-Minus

As I gaze upon this list, one name sticks out to me. One name represents hypocracy and deceit.

It would be a terrible shame if someone like that would win. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you have my vote.

I hope you run hard to ensure honesty and integrity wins.

Best of luck to you.


Where’s Dean Lovelace’s announcement?  Or does he already know he’s a shoe-in (for the Black caucus)?
Maybe Dean should take the firemen’s or police test to see what he scores!