DPS Athletic Director welshes on kids: kills wrestling at Belmont and girls track at Meadowdale

Without Board approval, DPS Athletic Director Shawna Welch sent out a directive that no coach can coach more than one sport, unless it’s track and cross country (as if those are somehow the same.) This means coaches who have coached more than one sport have to decide which sport to stick with. It also means, that some jobs are going unfilled.

At Meadowdale, Chad Miller coaches both girls basketball and girls track. The track squad were State Champs. Now, Miller is only coaching basketball. At Belmont, Earl White who used to be building AD as well as coaching both Football and Wrestling, now had to decide which sport to stick with. There were no other applications for the job as wrestling coach, therefore, the district just canceled the season. The Union would do nothing to support him in his appeal to keep both, Now, Belmont will no longer have wrestling as a sport- despite a huge uptick in interest thanks to the infusion of Eastern European immigrants.

The board business meeting is tonight at 5:30 at the corner of 4th and Ludlow. People may speak at the business meeting to voice their displeasure at this latest idiocy at the hands of the incompetent leadership at Dayton Public Schools.

If you ever hear anyone at DPS say “It’s all about the kids” – punch them in the mouth.

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