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DPS Athletic Director welshes on kids: kills wrestling at Belmont and girls track at Meadowdale

Without Board approval, DPS Athletic Director Shawna Welch sent out a directive that no coach can coach more than one sport, unless it’s track and cross country (as if those are somehow the same.) This means coaches who have coached more than one sport have to decide which sport to stick with. It also means, that some jobs are going unfilled.

At Meadowdale, Chad Miller coaches both girls basketball and girls track. The track squad were State Champs. Now, Miller is only coaching basketball. At Belmont, Earl White who used to be building AD as well as coaching both Football and Wrestling, now had to decide which sport to stick with. There were no other applications for the job as wrestling coach, therefore, the district just canceled the season. The Union would do nothing to support him in his appeal to keep both, Now, Belmont will no longer have wrestling as a sport- despite a huge uptick in interest thanks to the infusion of Eastern European immigrants.

The board business meeting is tonight at 5:30 at the corner of 4th and Ludlow. People may speak at the business meeting to voice their displeasure at this latest idiocy at the hands of the incompetent leadership at Dayton Public Schools.

If you ever hear anyone at DPS say “It’s all about the kids” – punch them in the mouth.

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“Welshes”? wow. Why not just say “gyped” or “jewed”?


So, an ethnic slur is OK if it involves a play on words. Noted.

Gary Rich

Roger could at least capitalize the J in “Jewed.” I loathe antisemites.

Chris Morgan

Boy nothing has changed at DPS still full of shit always have and always will be

Plop Star

Does anyone know the reason the DPS AD used to justify and issue the directive? Reactions to any cuts in athletic programs are generally overreactions. With all of the other more important problems facing the DPS, the cancelling of one season (at this point) of two sports programs does not bother me.

Slightly off topic… your advocacy of violence, “– punch them in the mouth”, in this article is an example of how you undermine your own cause. I often find that any points you have are often overshadowed by your angry (and in this case violent) rhetoric. This style of rhetoric does not convert anyone to your cause or way of thinking.

… just sharing my unsolicited opinion …


As a student while in DPS I remember many coaches that coached more than one sport. Also I remember in DPS there once was a rule that only teachers then they had to allow non teaching staff due to the lack of teachers willing to coach forcing DPS to allow NON-DPS employees to coach so that the children did not suffer due to the fact there weren’t enough DPS employees willing to coach or obtain the appropriate credentials to coach. Chad Miller is a legendary coach in DPS an I know for a fact that he has coach more than one sport every year for more than 20 years serving our community and more importantly our children befitted many DPS graduates are on athletics scholarship because there were dedicated coaches that sacrificed there time everyday after school coaching and mentoring the students. Not to mention the credentials and courses to coach is an expense that one must occur and the time to get the necessary training etc. Ms. Welch is well aware of the issue with a lack of coaches and the need for a coach to take on the responsibility of more than one sport it has been the practice for more than 30 years. The children did not benefit from this. Why do anything if the children aren’t benefiting.

Barb Collins

David shame on you. Prejudging a person as you have done. Anyone who has worked for Shawna Welch will tell you there is no one in this district that is more about kids. There was never a decsion made in her buildings that was not kids first. Perhaps everyone should wait and see her reasoning.

Gary Rich

We’ve been waiting on the reasoning for these boobs for upwards of 5 years