Don’t forget to vote today!

Polls are open, Democracy only works when you vote.

So get up, get out and vote.

Issues on the ballot for May 8
Issue type Use Millage Term
Montgomery County
Brookville Schools Rep/Increase Operating expenses 10.5 5 years
Dayton Schools Additional Emergency 15.17 5 years
Huber Heights Schools Replacement Permanent improvement 1.5 Continuing
Jefferson Twp. Schools Renewal Operating expenses 5.5 5 years
Kettering Schools Additional Operating expenses 4.9 5 years
Miamisburg Schools Renewal Emergency 6.81 3 years
Northmont Schools Additional Operating expenses 5.9 5 years
Oakwood Schools Replacement Permanent improvement 1.8 5 years
West Carrollton Schools Additional Current expenses 6.5 3 years
Clay Twp. Rep./increase Fire 1 Continuing
Farmersville Replacement Current expenses 2.5 5 years
Jackson Twp. Replacement Police 1.8 5 years
Washington Twp. Replacement Streets, bridges 1.7 5 years
Wright Mem. Library Replacement Current expenses .94 5 years
Greene County
Fairborn Schools Additional Operating expenses 8.6 5 years
Greene Co. Voc Schools Replacement Permanent improvement .75 5 years
Yellow Springs Schools Renewal Operating 9.4 3 years
Bath Twp. Additional Fire and EMS 3 3 years
Sugarcreek Twp. Renewal Fire 2 5 years
Miami County
Piqua Schools Inc. tax/rep. Operating expenses 2% Continuing
Bradford Village Rep./decrease Streets 7 5 years
Newberry Twp. Renewal Fire 1.5 5 years
Tipp City Inc. tax/additional Capital improvements .25% Permanent
Warren County
Wayne Twp. Replacement Fire 1.8 5 years
Darke County
Greenville Schools Income tax Current expenses .75% 5 years

I’m sure there will be lots of discussion about the Dayton Public Schools levy tomorrow.

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