Dayton Public Schools has some nerve

Yesterday, I heard reports that teachers were told to skip teaching and go out and drive people to the polls- and to do last minute campaigning.

Sorry, but I believe that’s a no-no legally- and it’s also an indication of mixed up priorities. If teaching kids was always placed first on their agenda- maybe voters would have believed the administration more when it came to asking for money. Somehow, voters really don’t believe that the administration is careful with their money- see my post about leaving the lights on at night in an empty building.

May 11- correction to the above item: Teachers were told they could go out instead of their planning period to deliver pre-addressed flyers to students homes- asking parents to offer to drive people to the polls. Teachers who volunteered to do this- could skip a mandatory after school meeting. Either way, it’s asking people on the job to engage in politics- which last I checked- isn’t legal.

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