Dayton Public Schools has some nerve

Yesterday, I heard reports that teachers were told to skip teaching and go out and drive people to the polls- and to do last minute campaigning.

Sorry, but I believe that’s a no-no legally- and it’s also an indication of mixed up priorities. If teaching kids was always placed first on their agenda- maybe voters would have believed the administration more when it came to asking for money. Somehow, voters really don’t believe that the administration is careful with their money- see my post about leaving the lights on at night in an empty building.

May 11- correction to the above item: Teachers were told they could go out instead of their planning period to deliver pre-addressed flyers to students homes- asking parents to offer to drive people to the polls. Teachers who volunteered to do this- could skip a mandatory after school meeting. Either way, it’s asking people on the job to engage in politics- which last I checked- isn’t legal.

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Drexel Dave

Perhaps you’d like to comment further on the sources of these “reports”? Who were they from? Are they verifiable?

That would be the minimally responsible thing to do.

As for the lights, have you asked the school board or any representative why they were left on? Was it the random mistake of a maintenance employee? Are they left on for security purposes?

That would be the minimally responsible thing to do.

David Esrati
David Esrati

As to verifiable- I heard it from the spouse of a teacher. I don’t believe either had a reason to lie.
I posted last week on the lights on at the 5th St. Stivers.
Left on for “Security purposes” – last I knew- security systems (which use a lot less power) don’t require lights- and actually notify someone if there is a break in or a fire.

Drexel Dave

Thanks for testifyin’ to the verifyin’.