If the Downtown Dayton Partnership paid for this….

Ran across this online.

If it’s an official promotion for Urban Nights, by the Downtown Dayton Partnership– we’re in trouble.

Does a fat guy in a hula skirt or a seedy looking guy smoking in a trench coat send the right message about downtown? I think not.

Watch it yourself- and cry.

Opinions anyone?

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9 Comments on "If the Downtown Dayton Partnership paid for this…."

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Bruce Kettelle

I liked it. I must be weird!


I think you look great in that hula skirt, David.

Drexel Dave

That was pretty funny, and fun. The whole ridiculous ass fat man made it. I think that’s got a lot more appeal than the never ending invitation to modernist yuppies that is the usual style.

That says Dayton doesn’t take itself so seriously (none of us should), which is quite appealing in today’s world.

He should have used a lot bigger letters on the poster board though. I couldn’t make out what he was trying to get across. That was the worse part.


What the hell?? That’s disturbing. I would imagine that it was made by the BGH studios folks, considering it said something about BGH in one of the last signs the guy held up, and appears that it was filmed from the roof of their building on N. Jefferson…..


If that was something that was officially made or known about by anyone actually associated with DDP, we’ve got problems….

Drexel Dave

And the camera angle was lame. It should have been shot A LOT closer to the guy with the signs with the fat guy occupying a side spot in the distance. A couple of really gross close-ups of that dunlop (his belly so big it dun lopped over his belt) would have made for a nice effect for the extreme generation.

But overall, considering the quality of Dayton ad agency television spots, I give it a B.

Drexel Dave

And who wants to bet me a quart of beer and a bag of pork rinds that the DDP knows nothing of this:


Phillip Ranly

Terrible. The only reason I kept watching it was to see if it could get any worse.


Thats Justin Galvin, Bills son. Definitely a BGH joint.

Drexel Dave

Why is it that most every ad agency in Dayton has some crap about their “epic” thinking on their web site and promotions?

I would settle for an unmuddled message, delivered creatively, but to the point!

These ad agencies that act as if they are Friedrich Nietzsche are getting really old.