Debating adding IntenseDebate to

I’m thinking that my comments about the comments on the Dayton Daily News lame comment moderation system is making a hypocrite out of me. I moderate to the best of my abilities and try to keep it civil- yet allow all viewpoints on this site.

Yet- while I advocate for comment moderation tools- I don’t use them. Intense Debate is another production of Automattic- the people who develop WordPress. You create a central profile and it’s used across all kinds of sites. Sort of like Disqus only different.

Commenter Profiles
Commenter profiles let you and your readers learn more about each other. Watch the conversation go to new levels once you and your readers are able to get to know each other. Don’t forget, their universal profiles can be used on any site with IntenseDebate!

Reputation Points & Comment Voting

Your readers will start to build their commenter reputations when they create an IntenseDebate account. Their reputation score is based on the quantity, and more importantly the quality, of the comments they've made across all sites with IntenseDebate. Bring the quality comments to the forefront.

via IntenseDebate – Features.

Both IntenseDebate and Disqus have their pros and cons as does the default WP system that I’m using now.

How many of you have accounts with either? Disqus is used by the Dayton Business Journal for example.

Would having a profile scare some of you away?

Does the ability to rate comments and having comment threading improve the experience here?

I’m asking for your opinions- since there are more comments on this site than I’ve got posts- it really belongs to you.

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