Warehouse Theater in Downtown Dayton

Dayton has a great theater community. Maybe it’s left over from the Kenley Players days, or is a direct result of it. The Human Race does a wonderful job, as does the Dayton Playhouse.

Add the Warehouse Theatre (note stupid British spelling) in Downtown Dayton. From their website:

Vicki Brown, Sharon Lane, and Phyllis Turner, three musicians, who have been around the block more than a few times, have joined forces to create a new avenue for their creative travels.


A coordinated effort to seek out gifted performers and present them to small audiences in an intimate concert setting.


We are always interested in hearing new artists and get ecstatic when we stumble upon a live show of original music that moves us in some way. We often use the term “they takin’ me to church” when that happens because it lifts the spirit. When you make a really good music energy connection it can make you high on life for days afterwards.

We want to seek out those experiences and share them with others. That’s our goal in this venture. If we can help artists get some positive exposure in a new city or give local artists an interested audience for their performance – that would make us very happy.


WareHouse Theatre started out at Front Street Warehouse in Dayton. We turned a blank 20X60 room into a beautiful little theatre (see the kudos page). We had a few events there and feedback was great, but the fire marshal got wind of us and shut us down. The building code would not allow us to have public events for more than 49 people, including the musicians and the staff. So we canceled our next show and started thinking about alternatives.

We must be living right because within 3 days we had a new space for concerts. Liz Stutzman of C2 invited us to have our concerts at her space. When we went to check it out we were just blown away at our luck. There is a beautiful stage, professional theatre lighting, state of the art sound system, even a videographer’s booth. The main floor seats 260 people, but can be made smaller if needed. When you enter the building there is a coffee counter and hanging out space. We use this space for our hospitality room and are happy to say we don’t have to worry about being legal. There is no problem with our offering a glass of wine and some little nibble to our guests. It seems like the perfect place for us to be. We hope you think so too.

C2 is at 51 Best Street in Dayton. You can access it from N. Main where the 75N exit is. Just turn off N. Main like you were getting on the highway and just before the exit you will see the building on the right. There is plenty of parking and the correct entrance will be well marked for our events.

You can also access Best Street from Riverside. Go west on Babbit, across from the fountains and at the stop sign you will be at Best Street. Turn right and you are there!

We like the fact that we are still downtown and hope you do too. Call if you need more details. 937-212-1600

via About Us.

They’ve got Tod Weidner coming May 30, and Windham Hill Recording artist Scott Cossu coming June 19.

I’ve known Sharon Lane for a long time- and Phyllis Turner for a few years. I’d trust them to keep things interesting and fun. You should too. Check them out at their new space and support the local music scene.

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